Understanding Resource

The Resource utility of AntMyERP is a feature that is used by the users to get an idea about the basic functionality of AntMyERP and also the updates happening.



There is no permission required to use the Resource feature.


Viewing Resources

Navigate to the bottom menu> Self Help Documents icon.

It will take the user to the AntMyERP welcome page.

Here, on the top right hand corner, the user will be able to view:

Help – The help documents related to the functionality of the ERP.

FAQ – The general questions frequently asked about ERP and the related module.

Videos – The videos cover easy to understand videos of the ERP functionality.

What’s New – The What’s New section contains all the latest updates on AntMyERP including the upgrades and integrations.

Blog – This section contains all the informational blogs on our services.

Note: The main pages contain all the information in detail.


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