FAQ on Purchase Invoice 


What does partially billed mean in AntMyERP?


“Partially billed” refers to a situation where only a portion of an invoice or bill has been processed or paid, while the remaining balance remains outstanding. It indicates that the bill has been partially fulfilled, typically due to various reasons such as partial delivery of goods or completion of only some of the services specified in the original purchase order.


How Can I Adjust the Total Amount During Invoicing of a Purchase Order in AntMyERP?


To adjust the total amount during the invoicing of a purchase order in AntMyERP, follow these steps:

Access Purchase Order: Log in to your AntMyERP account and navigate to the “Purchase Order” section.

Select Contracted PO: Locate and select the relevant Purchase Order number from the contracted list.

Initiate Invoice Adjustment: Within the Purchase Order details, locate the “Action” button and click on “Invoice Adjust.”

Confirmation: Confirm the adjustment to proceed with the invoice adjustment process.


How Can I Change the Invoice Number of a Vendor Invoice Uploaded in AntMyERP?


If you need to change the invoice number of a vendor invoice that has already been uploaded in AntMyERP, follow these steps:

Contact Finance Team: Reach out to your Finance team and request them to take action.

Reject Invoice: Ask the Finance team to reject the invoice from the purchase invoice pending status.

Reupload Invoice: Once the invoice is rejected, you can proceed to reupload the corrected invoice with the updated invoice number.

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