FAQ on Lead


How to delete lead in AntMyERP?


Lead once created cannot be deleted.Please lost or disqualify the same


How to add order Expected date in a Lead in AntMyERP?


Edit the lead ticket and add dated in expected closure date


Want to reopen the lead which was disqualified in AntMyERP?


When the Lead is disqualified, Lost, Won not able to reopen, you have to create a new lead only.


How to assign the bulk of sales lead to one person to another in AntMyERP?


Go to CRM Sales/Lead /Index Page – Click on select Button by check mark add Lead Tickets – Upper Check Box Click – Select Assigned – in Pop up add Assignee Person Name and Save.


How to connect lead to proposal inAntMyERP?


Go to lead and Edit Click on 3 dots/Select quotation and select exisiting add quotatiom number and save .Proposal will be connected with the lead.


What to do if 1 lead number gets connected with 2 Proposal in AntMyERP?


As discussed please reject the second proposal


How to Get Won a Lead inAntMyERP?


Once the proposal connected with lead ticket is contracted.Lead is won.


How To Convert Lead To Lost Order inAntMyERP?


Go to CRM Sales/Lead/Select the lead/Go to action select lost.Fill the lost reason and save.

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