Understanding Partner Management

Partner management involves establishing a collaboration with a vendor where they provide support, maintenance, and spare parts for our customer devices by mapping customer devices to the vendor and ensuring they provide necessary assistance through visits and maintenance services.


Managing Partner Management

For Partner management please make sure you enable the below points

Issue a detailed Contracted Visit Purchase Order.

Vendor Portal should be Active

Map relevant device(s) to the vendor in the system.

For more information please check the help docs for Purchase order for Visit and  Device Mapping.

Then add the Account manager for this vendor As Manage by following the below steps,

Navigate to Left Menu > Purchase > Vendor

You will land on Vendor Listing Page

Search the vendor you want to add Manage by and click on Action> Edit.

Go to Manage by Field and add the name of the employee who is the account manager for this vendor. You Can Add multiple employees. Please make sure that the employee must be added to the Team of AntMyERP.

 Click on Save and exit.


View Partner Management Report

To view the Mapped device details of the vendors,

Navigate to Left Menu > Service> Report >Partner Management.

You will land on the Partner Management Report.

You can View the Managed by, Partner name and no of the Products.

Click on the number of digits of no of the product, and the details of the devices will open

You can download the same by clicking on the Download icon on the top right hand corner.


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