Understanding Sales Management 

The Sales module records all the sold material and also any material returned after sale by the clients. There are two sub modules under this.


Sales Register

This module shows all the details of the Sales returns and all transactions related to the amounts paid and unpaid for the sales made. A sales return is called when the client returns the material sold back to the company for any reason. 

The process for Sales Returns is as follows:

Navigate to the Left Menu > Finance > Finance.

This will take you to the next page. Select Sales Register option from the left menu.

Click on Sales Return under the Action button.

The details of the sale will already be present in the form.

Select those products under the List of products which need to be returned.

Fill in other details wherever necessary in the fields given.

Click on Save.

This will now be shown as a Sales return in the list. 


The other option under the Action Button include:

Invoice View: if the invoice needs to be viewed for checking the details of the sale.

View Return: This shows the details of the products returned, such as the amount paid, products returned, statutory details etc.

Edit Return: This is to edit the details of any products that have been returned by the customer.

Delete Return: is for deleting any record if it has been wrongly entered as a Sales Return.


To record the payment for the unpaid Sale, the following steps are to be followed:

Select View Receipt under the Action Button.

The details of the Sale will be filled in the receipt.

Deposited to: Select the Bank where the amount needs to be deposited 

Select the method through which the payment was received in the field next to the Reporting Tag.

Enter the Details of the Cheque if it is a cheque payment.

Deduction Accounts: Any amount deducted for tax or any other purposes by the company or the client needs to be recorded in the fields under this tab.

This is to record the difference in amount paid against the bill amount, if any.

Click on Save.

Note: A Ledger needs to be created for the deductions to record them.


Sales Return Register

This module shows all the details of the sales returns made by the clients. The Action button provides the options for viewing and deleting the returns if necessary.



Navigate to Settings > User Roles.

Select the employee you want to give Sales Permission to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Press Ctrl+F and enter the word Sales. Enable all the permissions related to sales.

Click on Save.


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