FAQ on Master Export


How to download daily task in AntMyERP?


Access Open Tickets Analysis: Log in to your AntMyERP account. Header 4th Icon Ticket. Navigate to the “Open Tickets Analysis” section.

Search by Task: In the search options, select “Task” as the search type. This will filter the results to show task-related data.

Set Period and Search: Choose the desired period or date range for which you want to download daily task data. Click the “Search” button to retrieve the relevant task-related information.

Export Data to Excel: Once the search results are displayed, look for an option to export the data. Typically, there should be an “Export” or “Download” button that allows you to save the data in Excel format.


I want download customer and Vendor data in Excel from AntMyERP?


Here’s what you can do:

Compose an Email: Use your official email address to compose an email to the AntMyERP support or management team.

Request Feature Activation: In the email, explain that you would like to request the activation of the download feature for customer and vendor data for your user ID.

Provide Context: Briefly mention the importance of having access to this data and how it would benefit your work or reporting processes.

Send the Email: Send the email to the appropriate contact or support address provided by AntMyERP.

Follow Up: If needed, follow up on your request or inquire about the status of the feature activation. Once the feature is enabled on your user ID as per your request, you should be able to access and download customer and vendor data in Excel format from AntMyERP.

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