Understanding SMS

A business can set an SMS alert for all the notifications to be sent via text messages. 

This feature of AntMyERP will ensure that you do not miss out on any alerts. However, it is mandatory to make sure that you go through the latest TRAI regulation before setting this feature to abide by the character limit on otp.


Setting up SMS 

Navigate to the left menu > Settings > Settings.

Under the Preferences tab, check the Active SMS box.

Click on Update.

Configuring this will enable all the alerts to come on your phone that you have entered under the Basic tab of Company Settings.

After that, 

Navigate to the left menu >Settings > Templates > SMS > SMS Settings.

Enter all the details.

Click on Update.


Viewing Automated SMS Templates

Navigate to the left menu >Settings > Templates > SMS.

All SMS templates will be displayed here. 

You can check the Active checkbox to make it active.


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