Understanding Goal Management

Goal Management is where the company’s management sets specific goals for its employees. As the super admin, the user from the management team can view the performance reports of the team members for insights and then make informed decisions on how to proceed with the planning.



Navigate to Settings > Sales.

Check the Goal Management box under the Sales Preferences tab.

Click on Update.



Navigate to Settings > User Roles.

Select the employee you want to give Goal Permissions to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Press Ctrl+F and enter the word Goal. Enable all the permissions related to the goals.

Click on Save.


Setting a Goal

Navigate to Left Menu > CRM Sales > Goal Management.

Click on the plus button from the right hand side which says Add Set Goals.

There is a plus button beside the Value column. You can add multiple goals by clicking on it.

Click on Save.

Note: There is a checkbox Add My Goal to HOD Goal. By checking this box, the user can add the goals of the employee to his/ her manager’s goals. In the event that the box is checked, a field to enter the HOD’s name will also appear.

The goals can be edited from the Index page by clicking on the Action icon beside the name of the employee.

Note: You can also create a lead through Quick Add.


Goal Reports

Goal Reports allow you to keep track of your employees’ targets.

The goal reports can be seen under the Goal Management dropdown. There are five different kinds of goal reports.

To reach there, click on Goal Management> Reports> Required Report from the options. The various reports are described below.


Goal Report

Shows the overall goal report of the employee. This is downloadable. 


Target vs. Achievement

Click on the search icon and enter the mandatory fields to get the report for the desired employee. 

Once the user clicks on the Search button, it will represent the report in both tabular and graphical format.


Goal Type

This report shows the graphical representation of the Target vs. Achieve (Value) report and Target vs. Achieve (Number) report.


Industry Vertical All in One

The performance of all employees based on the percentage achieved with respect to the target is reflected in this report. It is represented in graphical format.


New Customer Report

This report reflects the customers who were billed for the first time in that particular year.

They might be recurring but will not be shown in this report after that year.


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