Understanding Imports

It is to put information into the system. A huge amount of data can be imported into the CRM master system through Excel. 


Access the Import Options

Navigate to The Left Menu > Settings

Within the Settings section,

Navigate to Master Options

Click on Masters to access the Master Options.


Import Data

Navigate to the Left menu > Settings

From the left menu, Click on Imports

All the types of imports will appear, such as Leads, People, Products, Customers, etc

Click on Customer to upload a customer

Here, an option to download the sample file will appear. 


Note: Whenever the data is filled in the sample file, this parameter has to be filled in. 


Once you click on the download option, it will be downloaded to an Excel sheet. 

Open the sample file and fill in the data in it. 

Fill in all the details on the sheet. Click on Upload, and an option to upload a file will appear.

Once attached, the data will automatically go into the system.


Note:  If there is an issue with the data, it will appear as an error. 

The same process goes for importing data for other types as well. 


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