Understanding Service Business

A sales or rental business deals with after sales activities like managing service requests or warranty management. These can be tracked in AntMyERP so that the business runs smoothly.


Service Support

All the service tickets can be logged and assigned to the engineer. 

Those calls can be seen under Open Service.


Open Service

To view these tickets,

Navigate to the left menu> Service> Open Service.

All the pending tickets of the organization can be seen with the below details:

Why it is pending,

From which region it is pending,

Its Stage,

To which engineer it is assigned,

From which branch the call was logged.

Once the call is assigned to the engineer, he will process the call through a mobile app. He can also request for spare parts through the mobile app. This ensures a proper flow of service along with the time taken by the engineer.

The below mentioned calls can be seen under Open Service:

PM Calls, 

Calls made by Customers,

Calls which are in transit,

Calls which are on hold,

Calls that are unassigned, 

Spare Part request calls,

Calls for which the SLA have been breached,

Calls for which the engineer has reached on site, 

Calls for which quotation is given (these are sent to the customer), and

Calls which are under observation are viewed here.


Total Service Ticket Report

To view the report of all the service tickets and their status, 

Navigate to the left menu> Service> Open Service> Total Service Ticket Report.

It can be searched:

Status wise, or from date wise, or requester customer wise.

There are multiple filters for easy navigation.


Request Spare

Here, the details of spare parts issued to the engineer are captured. To view that,

Navigate to the left menu> Service>Request Spare.

Note: Status Close means it is used while open means that the spare part is still with the engineer.

The engineers can be tracked and how many parts are in use or required. It can be seen under Spares> Service Spare Parts Register.

These have to be approved or rejected, then only the ticket can be resolved.

This can be done by scrolling to the extreme right to Action> Accept/ Reject.


Defective Repairs

Many businesses which have sold equipment, took back any old/non-working spare parts from their customers. The Business then either repairs it back and puts it back in use or sells it as scrap in case it is beyond repair. These are recorded in the ERP of the business under the Defective Returns tab. 

This helps the business track the number of parts returned. For instance, how many were put back in use and how many were turned to scrap and its value.

The process for recording a Defective return is as given below:

Navigate to the left menu> Service > Defective Returns

All the categories are seen when the Defective returns tab is clicked.

This opens the complete record of all the defective returns. 

There are four scenarios with regards to a defective part:



When the company is yet to receive the defective part back either from the customer or the engineer, it comes under the pending category. 

Once the part is received, the Serial number or the quantity of the defective part are entered by clicking at the right side of the page and Save.

This data is now reflected in the Received page of the ERP.



Under the Received tab, the record of all the received defective product falls. The status tab shows whether a defective part is put to repair, is it non-repairable or in working condition after repair. Each sub category selected, shows the particulars of the parts under it. This is how you can view them:

Enter the ticket number of the returned spare. 

Scroll to the far right and click Action.

The options: Scrap, Change Serial Number, Repair are seen.

Click on the respective options if one needs to put the product to scrap (if it’s beyond repair/use), repair or change a wrongly entered serial number.

If an equipment is sent to scrap as it is beyond repair, then click on scrap. Enter the reason for putting it away as scrap and click Save.

This will be reflected in the Scrap option under the Defective Returns tab.

If an equipment is sent for Repair then, click on Repair. This will in turn be reflected in the following page:

Navigate to the left menu > Service  > Reports > Loan/ Repair Register > Defective Repair.


Scroll to Action at the far right of the page. The options of Working/Not Working will be seen.

If Working is chosen then the page will be directed to the Returns Repair page.

The record of all parts that are working after repair are shown. These parts get added to our Office stock for further use.


If Not Working is shown then the page is redirected as shown above.

Select the product which has non repairable in its Status.

Check the box in the beginning of the row under scrap.

Click on the arrow under Scrap and select scrap all.

Write the reason for putting the part under scrap and click on submit.

If a part that is repaired is working then it needs to be put back in stock. This is done in the following way:

Navigate to the left menu > Service > Defective Returns > Received.

Select the status as working.

Check the boxes under Inventory.*

Click on the icon next to the filter called Inventory Adjustment.

Enter the Current value of the products and click on Submit.

This will be shown on the inventory of products in the company.



The products that are not working after repair or are received beyond repair are put under scrap. The parts that are entered as scrap under the Defective returns received tab and the non working products put under the scarp category will be shown under this tab.



If the customer walks-in for a service request, the warranty of the device is checked. It is then decided if the services needed would be under warranty or not. An RMA of the same is created.

It shows the details of the material as well as the status of service performed on that.

To reach there,

Navigate to the left menu > Service> RMA.

Note: There are several service reports and a dashboard that shows all the service calls and their status in detail. Also, the performance of the service team can be gauged.


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