FAQ on Assets to Employee


How to issue assest to Employees in AntMyERP?


Before proceeding, ensure that you have either admin or super admin rights, or the necessary permissions to access the Settings.

Follow These Steps:

Access Settings: After logging in, navigate to the Settings section.

Edit Creator Company Name: Within the Settings, click on the “Action” menu, and then select “Edit” next to the Creator company name.

Navigate to the Team Section: Proceed to the “Team” section.

Search for the Employee: Click on the employee’s name for whom you want to issue an asset.click on Action and then Issue Assets.

Issue Asset Form: The issue asset form will open. Fill in the required details, such as the issuer’s name, product serial number, remarks, and then save the form.

Multiple Asset Issuance: The issued asset will appear in the “All Issued Assets” section. You can issue multiple assets in a similar manner. click on action and select Assest form to obtain acknowlegment from the employee.

Issued Assets to Employee: The assets will now be issued to the selected employee.

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