FAQ on Reporting Tag 


How to Create a Reporting Tag in AntMyERP?


Access Reporting Tag Settings: From the left menu, navigate to “Settings.”

Navigate to General Masters: Within the “Settings” section, find and select “Masters.” Look for the “General” option and click on it.

Open Reporting Tag: Under the “General” section, locate and click on “Reporting Tag.”

Create a New Reporting Tag: Click the “+” (plus) button to create a new reporting tag. Choose the appropriate “Type” for the reporting tag. This could be related to “Service Ticket,” “Sales Order,” “Customer,” or “Vendor.”

Add Reporting Tag Details: Provide a meaningful name for the reporting tag in the “Reporting Tag Name” field. Customize the reporting tag details as needed based on the selected type.

Save and Apply: After entering the necessary information, save the reporting tag by clicking the appropriate button (such as “Save” or “Create”). Your new reporting tag is now created and available for use within AntMyERP.

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