Understanding Rental Quotation

A Rental Quotation is created when an organization gives any equipment for rent for a particular period of time to the customer. Here, the amount is charged for the type of equipment and the number of days it is given for rent. This is not for sale, and the equipment will be returned to the company.



Navigate to Settings > Sales.

Under the Quotation Preferences tab, check the box Rental Quotation.

Click on Update.


Creating Rental Quotation

Navigate to Left Menu > CRM Sales > Quotation.

Click on the plus button and select the Rental dropdown option.

Fill in all the details in the Rental Quotation form that opens.

Select the products from the product list under the Add Product dropdown option.

Click on Save.

Note: A Rental Quotation can also be added from the Lead ticket.


Viewing Sales Quotation

Navigate to Left Menu > CRM Sales > Quotation.

Click on the Rental Quotation No. which you want to view under the Quotations tab.

On the right hand side of the Quotation Proposal page there are eight buttons which are used for the following:

Edit: This button is used to edit the form if any changes need to be made.

Copy : This button is used to copy the quotation to create a new quotation for other customers.

Accept : This button is clicked to indicate acceptance of the quotation.

Reject : This button is clicked to reject/ non acceptance of  the quotation.

Send Mail : This button is used to directly mail the form to the customer.

Print : This prints the form for physical mailing/ storage purposes.

Back : This button takes to the quotation page.

Proforma : A proforma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale sent by a seller to a buyer in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods or services.

Notes: The rental form can also be opened by selecting the Rental option while qualifying the Lead.


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