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Resolving Negative Values in Finance Dashboard’s Debtors Section Due to Journal Entries with Incorrect References


It seems that there is a problem with the journal entries on accounts where the reference on the account is captured as negative. As a result, it is showing as negative in the finance dashboard for debtors. To rectify this issue and show the proper data, you can follow these steps:

Check Journal Entries: First, review all the journal entries related to the accounts where the reference is captured as negative. Ensure that the entries are accurate and correctly recorded.

Correct Negative Entries: If you find any journal entries with incorrect negative references, modify them accordingly. For instance, if an entry should have been recorded as a positive value but was entered as negative, correct the sign.

Use Proper Sign Conventions: Make sure to follow the proper sign conventions when entering values in the system. Debits and credits should be correctly recorded to avoid any discrepancies.

Verify Account Balances: After making the necessary corrections, verify the account balances to ensure they are accurate.

Check Finance Dashboard: Once the corrections are made, check the finance dashboard for debtors to confirm that the data is now displaying correctly. The negative values should now be converted to positive, reflecting the accurate financial position.


Why is the Employee’s Name Not Visible in the HR Dashboard Despite Being Added to the AntMyERP Team?


Q: I added an employee to the AntMyERP team, but their name is not showing up in the HR Dashboard. What could be the reason?

A: The absence of the employee’s name on the HR Dashboard despite being added to the AntMyERP team might be due to a specific situation. Follow these steps to identify and address the issue:

Access Organization Profile:

Go to the left menu and select “Organization Profile.”

Click on the “Action Edit” button.

Navigate to Team Tab:

Once in the “Action Edit” section, navigate to the “Team” tab.

Use the search function to locate the employee’s name in the team list.

Employee Profile Edit:

Click on the employee’s name to access their profile.

Within the employee’s profile, select “Employee Action Edit.”

Edit Official Profile:

Inside the “Employee Action Edit” section, choose “Edit Official Profile.”

Check Employee Type and Date:

Verify the “Employee Type” field. If the employee is on probation or a contract, continue to the next step.

Check if the probation or contract period has already ended.

Impact on HR Dashboard:

If the probation or contract period has been completed, the employee’s data might not be appearing on the HR Dashboard. The system may not have granted access to the employee in the team due to the expired period.


To ensure the employee’s name appears in the HR Dashboard:

If the employee’s probation or contract period is complete, update their official profile accordingly.

If necessary, extend the probation or contract period to keep the employee’s data visible in the HR Dashboard and maintain their access within the team.

By addressing the completion of the probation or contract period and adjusting the official profile, you can ensure that the employee’s information is accurately reflected in the HR Dashboard.

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