FAQ on Setting Overview


How can I change the date format for my organization in AntMyERP?


Step 1: Accessing Basic Settings Start by navigating to the left-hand menu and selecting “Settings.”

Step 2: Accessing Settings Preferences 2.

Within the “Settings” section, you’ll find a submenu. Choose “Basic Setting” from this submenu.

Step 3: Navigating to Date Format 3.

In the new window, you may need to access a second left-hand menu. Navigate to this menu.

Step 4: Changing Date Format 4.

Look for an option labeled “Settings Preferences.” Select it.

Step 5: Selecting Date Format 5.

Within “Settings Preferences,” locate the “Date Format” option. You’ll need to check this box to enable date format changes. Once checked, a dropdown menu should appear, presenting different date format options. Choose your preferred date format from this dropdown.

For example, you can select “DD-MM-YYYY” for a day-month-year format.

Step 6: Saving Changes 7.

After selecting your desired date format, make sure to save your changes. This is usually done by clicking on a “Save” or “Save and Exit” button within the interface.

Step 7: Confirming Changes 8.

Your selected date format is now applied to your organization’s settings in AntMyERP. This format will be used for dates displayed throughout the platform.


How to Activate SMS feature in AntMyERP ?


To activate the SMS feature in AntMyERP and configure it for use, follow these steps:

Log In to SMS Portal: Log in to your SMS service provider’s portal. This is where you’ll manage your SMS settings, templates, and other configurations.

Approve SMS Template with TRAI: Verify that your SMS template(s) have been approved by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) if you are sending SMS in India. Compliance with TRAI regulations is essential for using SMS services. Ensure that the content and format of your SMS templates meet TRAI’s guidelines.

Access AntMyERP: Log in to your AntMyERP account.

Navigate to SMS Configuration: Depending on the interface of AntMyERP, look for a section related to “SMS Configuration,” “Communication,”

Enable SMS Feature: Within the SMS configuration section, you’ll likely find an option to enable the SMS feature. Turn this option on to activate SMS functionality within the ERP system.

Configure SMS Settings: Fill in the necessary details, such as your SMS service provider’s API credentials, authentication tokens, or any other required information. This information will establish a connection between AntMyERP and your SMS service provider.

Integrate SMS Templates: Configure the SMS templates you previously approved with TRAI. Test SMS Sending

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