Understanding Settings Overview

Setting Overview refers to all the features available in AntMyERP.



Navigate to the left menu > Settings.

The options on the left menu will change to the following:


Organization Profile

The structure of Team, department, designation etc. can be set up.





The Setting Preferences can be seen here like dashboard name, multi-currency, per page etc. are visible.



Among the types of security there are IP based security, PC based security, password strength etc.



MPS or ASP business can be selected. It can be turned on or off. 



Settings for all the modules can be set up here for Purchase, Sales, Service, HR, Finance, Meeting, Operation, Tash and Excel Setting.



Here the email template can be changed. A new template can also be created.



Here you can import a sample file and then export it. There are several files that can be imported.



In the Masters, Purchase, CRM Sales, Service, HR, Operations and Finance can be set up. A Master can be created. 


Users & Roles:

You can grant permissions and activation to the users here. 



In the portal, the details like email address, support phone number and office hours can be added.



The applications which have integrations with AntMyERP like Tally, Autodesk, IndiaMart etc. will be listed here.



Reports like log report, chat history, rating report and Autodesk Data Conflict report can be checked here.


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