FAQ on Master Sample Import


While uploading AMC product in contract date error coming ?


It appears that you’re encountering an error while uploading AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) product data into your system, specifically related to the contract date. To address this issue, please follow the steps provided:

Contract Date Format in Excel: Open your Excel spreadsheet containing the AMC product data. Ensure that the contract date column is formatted as “Text” to prevent any date format conversion issues during the upload process.

Edit Contract Dates: Review and edit the contract dates in the spreadsheet, making sure they are in the correct text format.

Upload Process: Once you’ve formatted the contract dates as text, attempt the upload process again according to your system’s instructions.


How to export all brand and product category from AntMyERP?


If you are unable to export the brand and product category data directly from AntMyERP due to limitations in the system, here’s an alternative approach you can consider to manually extract this information:

Manual Data Entry or Recording:

Open a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Create two columns: one for “Brand” and another for “Product Category.”

Manually enter or copy-paste the brand and product category information from AntMyERP into this spreadsheet.

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