Understanding Master Sample Import

Master Sample Import is an option from which a bulk upload can be performed by the user.


Navigating Master Sample Import

There are two ways in which bulk import can be performed.



On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Space simultaneously.

In the window that appears, type Import. 

Select the dropdown option Overall Import File.

All the files that can be uploaded through masters will be visible.



Navigate to the left menu> Settings> Import.

All the files that can be imported will show up.


Performing Bulk Upload

After the user reaches to the Imports Overall Page by either of the two ways mentioned above,

Select the desired option which you want to import.

This will open a pop up window. Click on Click here.

The excel file will be downloaded on your computer.

Open the excel file and enter all the details.

Once done, Save the file. 

Click on the upward arrow to upload the file.


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