Understanding HR reports

This is to keep tabs on the HR ( Human Resources) report. This is where you can find all the reports for the HR module. 


Generate Reports for Service

Navigate to the Left menu > HR > Reports

All the types of HR reports are visible here. 

Working Hours: This tab shows the number of hours the organization is actually working. It can be checked date-wise. . 

Over Time: This tab shows the over time done by the organization. This helps with the extra salary to be paid to the specific employees for their overtime. A voucher can be created for overtime. 

Bonus Approval: Here, you can view the bonus approval of the employees. 

Assets to Employees: Here, you can view the number of assets that are given to employees for use. 

ESIC Statutory: ESIC stands for Employees State Insurance. This tab shows the statutory payments that the company pays to its employees, as a part of its salary. These payments are paid according to the policies of the government. 

EPF Statutory: EPF stands for Employees Provident Fund. This tab shows the report for employees’ Provident Fund. We take care of everything related to EPF registration, monthly investments, and submitting the required paperwork. 

PT Statutory: It stands for Professional Tax. Check professional tax in your payroll registers without any confusion. Our Statutory Management software solutions help you with PT authentication and TDS return calculation and submission.


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