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How to Access the Master Options in AntMyERP?


To access the Master Options in AntMyERP, follow these steps:

Login to AntMyERP: Log in to your AntMyERP account.

Navigate to Settings: From the left menu, click on “Settings.”

Access Basic Settings: Within the Settings section, find and click on “Basic Setting.”

Navigate to Master Options: Look for the 6th or second menu option within Basic Setting, labeled as “Masters” or similar. Click on “Masters” to access the Master Options.

Alternatively, Use Shortcut: You can also use the shortcut “Ctrl+Space” (or the equivalent shortcut for your operating system) to open the search functionality. Type “Masters” into the search field to quickly find the “Masters” option.

Open in Masters Window: Clicking on “Masters” will likely open a window or section dedicated to managing master data.


How to add lost and Disqualified reason in AntMyERP?


To add Lost and Disqualified reasons in AntMyERP’s CRM Sales module, follow these steps:

Access Lead Management: Log in to your AntMyERP account. From the left menu, click on “Settings.”

6th Menu – Under the “Masters” section, find “CRM Sales” and click on it. Select “Lead Management.”

Add Lost Lead Reasons: Within Lead Management, locate and click on “Select Lost Lead Reasons.” In this section, you can add and manage the Masters for Lost Lead reasons. Add various reasons why a lead might be considered lost.

Add Disqualified Lead Reasons: Similarly, add Disqualified Lead reasons by following the same process. This will help you categorize leads that are disqualified for specific reasons.

Using Shortcut (Ctrl + Space): Alternatively, you can use the shortcut “Ctrl + Space” to access the search functionality. Search for “Lost Reasons” or “Disqualified Reasons” to quickly navigate to the relevant options.

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