Understanding Vendor Portal

Vendors or suppliers are the third party which supplies goods or services for the business. AntMyERP also serves you as a vendor management portal where you can keep a track of all the communications with them. 


Activating a Vendor 

Navigate to the left menu > Settings > Users & Roles.

All the users and groups created will be visible here.

Select the desired vendor for whom you want to make the changes.

Click on Action> Edit.

Enter the password. Confirm the password.

Activate by hovering the bar to Active in the Status option.

Click on Save.

Note: You can also Inactivate the vendor in the same way by hovering the bar to the Inactive option.


Visibility on the Vendor Portal

To view which all information will be displayed in the vendor portal,

Navigate to the left menu > Settings > Users & Roles.

Click on the Search button.

Enter the url, user id and email id. Also, enter the password which has been given to the vendor to login as a vendor.

A dashboard will appear which shows the entire report to the vendor. 

In case the vendor needs assistance, they can click on the Call Us option which will generate a service ticket automatically. The ticket details will be displayed.

This will notify the support team and someone will get in touch with the vendor to assist them.

Note: This will list all the tickets for the vendor and made by the vendor.



In the dashboard, navigate to the left menu> Ticket

This will list all the tickets and their status under Visit Pending, Visit Accepted, Ticket for vendor and Ticket for Company

To create a new ticket/ task, click on the ticket icon on the top bar.

Click on the plus button on the top right hand corner.

A task ticket can be logged in the Vendor portal.


Adding Vendor Bank Details

If your company deals with multiple vendors, it is necessary to add the bank details of the vendors for the smooth financial transaction.

In the dashboard, navigate to the left menu> Settings > Users & Roles.

Search the name of the vendor and click on Action> Auto Login.

Click on Action> Edit.

The vendor profile will appear. 

Go to the Bank tab and 

Enter the details in the mandatory fields. If you just enter the IFSC code and refresh the page, the other details will populate automatically. 

Click on Update Profile.

Note: The bank details are visible in the purchase order.


Left Menu Details

We can view the following details in the left menu of vendor portal:

Tickets – Tickets for the Venor and tickets for the organization will be visible.

Device – The details of all the devices with the organization will be displayed.

Mapped Device – The devices mapped from the service provider will be displayed here.

Service Report – The uploaded and pending service ticket report will be displayed here.

RMA – Vendor is authorized to receive devices on our behalf from the customer. 


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