Understanding Rental Business

A rental business rents out their equipment on rent. After renting the equipment, management of things like how many times the breakdown call came, which devices are available, which customer has it, how much profit/ loss was incurred, how many spare parts were there, etc. can be recorded in AntMyERP.


Quotation Management 

In this module, the customer is quoted in which the equipment has been given on rental. All the things related are captured. To proceed, follow the below given steps:


 Navigate to the left menu> CRM Sales> Quotation.

Click on the plus sign> Rental.

A rental quotation form will open. Fill in the details in the mandatory fields.

Click on Save.

After the confirmation from the customer, the Sales Order is executed/ booked. It can be seen under CRM Sales> Sales Order.

The orders that are left to be executed can be seen under Pending.


Service Support

After executing the order, service support needs to be provided. After logging the service call, how many calls are pending can be seen under Service> Open Service. 

To see how much spare parts are there in the device, click on Service> Request Spare.

For checking the Defective Returns, click on Service> Defective Returns.


Device Tracking

To check where the device is currently,

Navigate to the left menu> Asset > Active Device.

All the devices that are in the contract will be displayed with the customer name and branch. The Current Location will also be displayed.

In case you want to see the Device’s other details, click on the serial number. You can check device movement history, the number of service calls and spare parts consumed for this device. Also, you can track profit made by this device.

If a device is purchased from the vendor, then the warranty can be tracked from Asset > Warranty.



The invoice can be generated by,

Navigate to the left menu> Finance> Invoice> Sales Invoice.

The bill captures the sales amount and the purchase.

Pending ones can be seen under Pending that have not been accepted. 

Note: In the Quotation, you can select the invoice parameters like billing type (after/ before), bill generation type (monthly, quarterly, daily) and Billing type (Single / Multiple Invoice)


Rental Recovery Report

To view how much amount has been recovered from a device, 

Navigate to the left menu> Finance> Reports> Rental Recovery Report.

The details are listed in this report.


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