Understanding Enterprise Paper License

Enterprises usually have a lot of workers in different departments. As SaaS software becomes more common, each person in a business may have different software needs.

A business with an enterprise software paper license can choose the type of license that works best for them from a software vendor and use it in a way that suits their needs. This is important because it opens doors for businesses to increase operational efficiency, obtain valuable insights, and increase revenue options.



Navigate to the Left Menu > Settings

Under Settings icon, Look for the Enterprise paper license and select.

Click on Update. 


Connect a Product to a License 

Note :If a new product is created or an existing product, it can be edited and connected with the paper License.

Click on the search icon and search for Products. It will lead you to the product list. 

Click on the Plus sign on the top right corner of the page. 

Select the Brand, Category and Unit. 

Note: Enterprise Paper License is applicable for only Category of Serial number Products.

Fill in all the mandatory fields. 

At the end, it will ask if the Enterprise Paper License is there. Select YES. 

Click Save. 

Note: The effect of the product can be seen in the Proposal and Purchase Order for an enterprise license product.


Give a Proposal 

Navigate to the Left Menu > CRM Sales > Quotations

Click on the Plus sign on the top right corner of the page and go to Sales

Fill in the Customer details.

Select the Product Software, Quantity and License Quantity. 

Note: License Quantity field is frozen for 1 quantity, as per User you can add quantity.

Enter the Price and Total Price. 

Click Save. 

In this manner, the software business can be managed. In the future, if a service call is logged, there will only be one device with one serial number that can be managed and serviced.

Note: The same facility can be seen in the Purchase Order. 


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