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How Do I Create Product Bundles in AntMyERP?


Creating Product Bundles (Build Products) in AntMyERP:

To create product bundles, often referred to as Build Products, in AntMyERP, follow these simple steps:

Access Bundle Product Section: Log in to your AntMyERP account and navigate to the “Inventory” section.

Initiate Bundle Creation: Locate and select the “Bundle Product” option to start creating your product bundle.

Designate Primary Product: Choose the main or primary product that will represent the bundle. This is the product that customers will see and purchase.

Add Secondary Products: Use the ‘+’ button to add one or more secondary products that constitute the bundle. These are the individual items that make up the bundle.

Specify Quantities: For each secondary product, specify the quantity you want to include in the bundle.

Confirm and Save: Review your bundle configuration, ensuring that primary and secondary products, along with quantities, are accurate. Once confirmed, save the bundle.

Pricing and Inventory: Set the bundle’s pricing appropriately, considering any discounts or promotions you wish to apply. Make sure to manage inventory for both the primary and secondary products.

Complete Bundle Creation: Save the changes, finalizing the creation of your product bundle.

Note: When customers order the bundle, the system will adjust inventory levels for the primary and secondary products accordingly.


Why Can’t I Edit Bundle Products in AntMyERP?


Editing Bundle Products with Outwarded Secondary Products in AntMyERP:

When dealing with bundle products that have secondary products outwarded at a client’s place, certain considerations apply:

Primary Product Inwarding: If you need to edit or remove secondary products from a bundle that has already been outwarded, you must first inward the primary product associated with that bundle.

Bundle Adjustment: Once the primary product is inwarded, you can access the bundle product and make the necessary changes, including removing or editing the secondary products.

Effect on Inventory: Keep in mind that editing or removing secondary products from an outwarded bundle may impact your inventory records. Ensure that adjustments are accurate and aligned with your inventory management practices.


How Can I Add a Product to an Existing Bundle Product in AntMyERP?


Adding Products to an Existing Bundle Product in AntMyERP:

To include additional products within an existing bundle product in AntMyERP, follow these steps:

Inward the Bundle Product: Begin by inwarding the existing bundle product. This will allow you to make modifications to the product configuration.

Access Bundle Product: After inwarding, navigate to the bundle product you wish to update.

Select Serial Number: Choose the relevant serial number associated with the bundle product.

Add Secondary Product: Within the bundle product details, locate an option to add or manage secondary products. Select the additional secondary products you want to include.

Save Changes: Once you’ve added the secondary products, save the modifications to the bundle product.

Outward the Bundle Product: After making the necessary changes, you can proceed to outward the bundle product as required.

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