Understanding Sales Order Ticket

A Sales order is an order document created by the seller to define the product specifics related to sales, rental or MPS businesses. It confirms and records the sale of goods and/or services ordered for the company.The process of booking a quotation and converting it into a contract is the same for all the categories of quotations. AntMyERP helps in better task management with sales order tickets.



Navigate to Settings > User Roles.

Select the employee you want to give Sales Order ticket Permission to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Enable the permission Create Sales Order Ticket, Manage Order, Manage Sales Order Edit, Show Only Self Created Orders, Show Only Self Assigned Orders and Show Order Hierarchy.

Click on Save.


Booking an Order

There are two ways in which order can be booked.

  1. Convert to Contract and then go to Sales order form. From here the order can be booked.
  2. If you get any order related to the same customer then you don’t need to make a quotation again. You can directly book its Sales Order. To do that,

Go to Quick Add> Sales Order. 

Enter the customer and branch details. Once branch detail is selected, the Add Details pop up window will appear with all the details.

Enter the quantity and click on Add.

Enter all the mandatory details and click on Save.

Once you save it, your order is booked.


Viewing Sales Order Ticket

Navigate to the left menu > CRM Sales > Sales Order.

The sales order register opens where all sales orders are listed.


Sales Order 

This shows the list of all the booked sales orders in their respective stages after booking. This includes all the sales orders whether pending, completed or canceled. All the fields in the register will be pre-filled with all the particulars of the order.


Sales Order Pending

The order which needs to be executed after its booking.

The processing of a pending order is done in the following steps:

Navigate to the left menu > CRM Sales > Sales Orders. 

Click on  Sales order and select Sales Order (Pending).

Note: For more information on Pending Sales Order, refer here.


Sales Order (Completed)

Now the order will be shifted from the Sales Order (Pending) tab to the Sales Order (Completed) category in the ERP. 

To view the completed sales orders:

Navigate to the left menu > CRM Sales > Sales Orders

Click on  Sales Order and select Sales Order(Completed).


Sales Order (Drafted)

A Draft is created as a note of what is to be sent to the customer before actually recording it in the order. This is done in case there are multiple line items/product serial numbers for a single order. The method for creating a Draft order is:

Navigate to the left menu > CRM Sales > Sales Orders. 

Click on Sales Order > Sales Order (Pending)

Enter the Serial Numbers of the product.

Click Draft.

Go to Sales Order > Sales Order (Drafted) and click on Save.

A challan will be created for the order automatically and the order will now be shown under Sales Order (Completed).


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