Understanding Request for Quotation

Request for Quotation is the stage where the Purchase requisition is received by the employee after getting approvals from the PO Authorization and Finance Authorization. It is here when the employee asks for quotations for the materials requested from various vendors. This helps the company to make the best decision depending on the quotes they give.



Navigate to Settings > Purchase.

Under the Purchase Preferences tab, check the box Request for Quotation.

Click on Update.



Navigate to Settings > User Roles.

Select the employee you want to give Campaign Permissions to and scroll to the right.

Select Edit option from the Action dropdown menu.

Go to the Permissions tab.

Enable the Manage Procurement Quotation permission.

Click on Save.


Using Request for Quotation

Navigate to Left Menu > Purchase > Request for Quotation.

Any Purchase Requisition that receives approval from the PO Authorization and Finance Authorization are listed here.

Check the box beside the Requestor Employee. 

Click on the yellow box and click Get Quotation.

In the Quotation window that pops up, select the date and time. Also, select the vendor name from the dropdown options available. The user can select multiple vendors.

Click on Save.

Once done, the request for quotation will go to all the vendors listed. The vendors will send their quotations which will be listed under the Request for Quotation index page.

This will now be Reflected in the In progress Option under Request for Quotation.


Approving or Rejecting Request for Quotation

Select the Not Received option or Received option from the Quotation Status dropdown. Also enter the date and time. Enter any comments, if required.

Click on Save.

Once rejected, it will show under the Completed tab.

The Status of the Received ones will show as Pending in the Request For Quotation Index Page. 

Scroll to the right and select Action>Generate PO.

A PO form will open for the user. For more details on it, please refer to the PO document.


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