Understanding Service reports

This is to keep tabs on the service report. This is where you can find all the reports for the service module. 


Generate Reports for Service

Navigate to the Left menu > Service > Reports

All the types of service reports are visible here. 

Loan/ Repair register: Here, you can check the material that was taken inward for repair. You can also see which devices were sent for repair, given as a demo, or are on standby for the customer. 

Counter Report: This is a counter report for the MPS business. Keep track of the devices month by month counter.

Total Service Nutshell: This is where you can see the service parameter. Here, you can see the tickets in SLA. The amount of SLA breached. Keep track of the job, response times, and downtimes here. 

Repeat Ticket Report: Here, track the devices whose calls were logged many times.

Compare Engineers: Check the engineer’s performance here. 

Preventive Maintenance: This is where the amount that was given this month and the next month will be shown. 

Service Engineer Location: Track the engineer’s location with the help of the provided Google Maps connection. 

Monthly Report-Customer and Monthly Report-Engineer: Here you can see monthly reports for both customers and engineers. 

RCA Report: A remote call assistant report can be seen here. 

Problem Discrepancy: This is where you can look at the problems with the service calls.

Partner Management: Here, you can look at the Device mapped to partner 

Daily Service Report:  It shows how many calls were logged, how many solos closed, and how many expense vouchers were made. Also, find out what the amount of the expense voucher has been. 

PM Report: This is where you can see the report of the next PM. 

Mobile Device Report: Here, you can keep track of the type and number of devices used for logging and closing a call. 

Technician Detail Report: Here, you can see a detailed report on the technicians. 

Overall Report: Here, you can find out the overall time taken to close a single ticket.

Graphical Reports: Here, you can view a graphical representation of the calls that are closed. 

Warranty Report: Here, you can view all the customer warranty tickets. 


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