Understanding Multi Currency

A business can have a varied range of customers, across the globe. This makes dealing with multi currency a challenging task. At AntMyERP, we help our customers deal with multi currency accounting with ease.



Navigate to the left menu > Settings.

Click on Settings.

Check the Multi Currency box.

Click on Update.


Using Multi Currency 

Navigate to the left menu > CRM Sales  > Customers or Vendors.

Select the customer or vendors who deal with multi currency payment. Scroll to the right and click on Action> Edit.

Select the required currency from the Currency dropdown.

Click on Save.

Note: Once the currency is set, it cannot be changed.

After the customer currency is started, go to the Quotation page to give a Proposal.

Navigate to the left menu > CRM Sales  > Quotation

Click on the plus button on the extreme top right corner and select the quotation that needs to be given. For example, a sales quotation is selected.

Once the customer name is selected, the currency set appears along with the current rate in the market going on.

Enter the other details and click on Save.

Note: The same steps can be applied for Vendor Purchase Order.

Also, Multi currencies are used in other modules of ERP like CRM Sales, Purchase Order, Invoices.


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