FAQ on Multi Currencies


How should I enter the customer currency while creating a customer or a vendor in AntMyERP ?


Enabling Multi-Currency in AntMyERP:

Log in to your AntMyERP account as an administrator.

Navigate to the left menu and select “Settings.” Under “Settings,” click on “Setting.”

Look for the “Multi Currency” option.

Enable the checkbox to turn Multi-Currency ON.

Make sure to update or save the setting.

Enabling Multi-Currency allows you to work with different currencies, set exchange rates, and ensures accurate currency conversion for transactions within your AntMyERP system.


How do I configure multicurrency in AntMyERP?


Configuring multicurrency in AntMyERP is straightforward. Follow these steps to set it up:

Log in to AntMyERP and access the left menu.

Navigate to “Settings,” and then click on the second option in the left menu, which is “Setting.”

On the Setting page, find and click on “Display” to access the Setting Preferences.

Use the Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to initiate a search, then type “Multi Currency” to quickly locate the relevant option.

To enable multicurrency, put a checkmark in the box next to “Multi Currency.”

Once you’ve checked the box, click on the “Update” button to save your changes.

After enabling multicurrency, you can proceed to use the system with multiple currencies. When viewing customer and vendor information, you’ll notice the currency field available on the basic page.

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