FAQ on Pickup Ticket 


Understanding Pick Tasks in AntMyERP.


Q1: What is a pick task in AntMyERP?


A: A pick task in AntMyERP refers to a specific process or workflow related to picking up items, often in the context of returns or expired contacts. When a contact or agreement has expired, the serial numbers associated with the items may be listed as pick tasks, indicating that these items need to be picked up or collected.


Q2: How are expired serial numbers managed using pick tasks in AntMyERP?


A: When a contact’s expiration triggers the need to collect items, such as products or equipment with associated serial numbers, AntMyERP generates pick tasks. These tasks help organize and manage the process of picking up the items for return, inspection, or further handling.


Q3: How do I create a pick task for items that need to be picked up?


A: To create a pick task for items that need to be picked up, follow these steps:

Step 1: Access Operations: Navigate to the “Operations” section within AntMyERP.

Step 2: Go to Inward Challan: Find and click on “Inward Challan” in the operations menu.

Step 3: Create Pick Up Task: Within the “Inward Challan” section, look for the option to create a “Pick Up Task” and select it.

Step 4: Provide Details: Fill in the necessary details for the pick up task, such as the expired contact or agreement, serial numbers of the items to be picked up, and any other relevant information.

Step 5: Save the Pick Up Task: Once all required details are added, save the pick up task. This will create a ticket or record indicating that these items need to be collected.


Q4: What happens after I create a pick up task?


A: After creating a pick up task, the system will track and manage the process of collecting the specified items. This could involve scheduling a collection, coordinating with logistics, updating the status of the task as it progresses, and ensuring proper documentation of the return or pickup process.

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