Increasing and Rising Expenses? Having No Clue about it.

Automate your Expense Management and gain Control Over Your Expenses.

AntMyERP – One Stop Solution to Control and Automate your Expenses with visibility of its Accuracy.


Auto GPS Expense Vouchers

Operating multi-location, multi branches in service industry increases the risk of high expense vouchers claimed by the technicians. Use of an Automated system to generate expense vouchers is the need for you.

When you have more numbers of technicians, you are more prone to an increase in expenses with no clue about them. AntMyERP is specific automated software that creates automated expense vouchers every time an engineer works for a customer.

Whenever any service ticket is assigned to a technician, they alert for that ticket on their mobile app. The mobile app captures the engineer’s start location and time and the end location and time. Through GPS management, the software automatically creates an expense voucher against the engineer’s name without doing any manual entry for that. That goes for approval and reimbursement. You can calculate and evaluate the expenses claimed by the engineers and accordingly approve and reject them.

Approval Management

We understand that having no clue about your increasing expenses is very painful. There is a need for a system in place which could track out the expenses and you have Control over it.

Any Voucher which is created in the Service CRM automatically or manually goes for approval to the senior and the accounts team. There is a two-level approval system that gives you the authority and control over the engineer’s vouchers. The technician can map the voucher with the customer and the service tickets and upload documents as proof of travel.

The two-way approval mechanism gives visibility as well as control to approve or reject the vouchers based on their authenticity. When the first approval is given by the senior the voucher is pending for approval by the finance team. Once they approve the voucher, the expense claim is reimbursed to the engineers. It creates a strong approval system where any and every voucher goes for approval by the superior and finance team.

Manual Expense Voucher Types

You can create various types of manual expense vouchers into the Service ERP. The field service management software allows multiple types of manual creation which goes for approval before reimbursement.

GPS Expense Voucher

Through the GPS Expense vouchers, you can manually enter the start location and end location through the GPS. The Service Management Software automatically calculates the distance between the two locations and creates a voucher into the system against the engineer and the respective customer. Once created it goes for two-level of approval and then reimbursed as per the norms set by you in your policy.

Odometer Expense Voucher

In the Odometer expense voucher, the engineers can manually enter the start meter reading of the vehicle used for commuting to the customer’s location. He then has to enter the end meter reading of the same and create the expense voucher. As per the company’s rule for claim reimbursement for traveling, the engineer is paid on the basis of distance traveled. It has to again go for two-level approval for reimbursement.

Distance Expense Vouchers

In the distance expense vouchers, the engineer can mention the distance he travelled to attend to any customer service call. As per the distance mentioned by the technician, the voucher is generated and goes for approval to the senior and accounts team. The voucher can be mapped with the customer and the service tickets and relevant documents to support his claim can be uploaded for reference.

Tracking and Reporting

The field service management software makes it easy for you to track and record all the expense vouchers generated manually or automatically. It gives you control and authority to make informed decisions with respect to the technician’s claim.

The expense vouchers that are pending for approval by seniors or those that are approved or those that are rejected by the first or the second authority give clarity on all the expenses claimed by the technicians. The Service ERP gives meaningful insights as to who is claiming the maximum expenses. And you can also analyze, for which customers the technicians are claiming the maximum expenses.

The finance team can see the pending bill amount to be paid to the technician and accordingly pay them. Thus an automated and controlled environment is formed with the use of the ERP software and half of your pain is reduced with more accuracy and informed data.

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