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Asset Classifications

With a wide range of products in the inventory, asset classifications become  quite challenging. However, you can categorize your assets with precision at our asset management software. You can also create multiple levels of asset classifications through our asset ERP. For example, you can categorize separately if you have different categories for computing devices. Asset management software can further subcategorize this into desktops and laptops, and it can further subcategorize laptops for commercial or business purposes. In short, asset management software can manage the assets in a layer of categories.

Our asset management system understands and systematically categorizes your assets. This can be one of the challenging issues which your organization might be facing without much attention given to it.

Asset Classifications

Key Elements of Asset Categorization

Effortlessly categorize, subcategorize, and tag your devices based on their serial numbers. You can include categories like IT equipment or workplace furniture. Map each device as per your business model and effectively segregate all your asset categories. Update your serial number status for your multiple devices in a single go with our asset category.

Asset tagging is designed to gain visibility of your devices, such as devices you intend to use for rental business, devices you plan to use for sale business, and devices earmarked for internal usage.

Categorizing your assets based on their lifecycle will help your organization regulate your way of asset management according to the requirements and issues of each phase. It will help maximize your entire asset lifecycle management process. All this with the help of asset management solutions.

Group Assets for Easier Management

Besides asset tagging, another feature of our enterprise asset management software is asset grouping, in which you can group your essential assets together based on their common features or functionalities. 

Asset grouping facilitates the easy identification of similarities and distinctions among your assets, benefiting multiple aspects such as maintenance, risk management, and resource allocation. This, in turn, enhances operational efficiency.

Importance of Asset Categorization

People may ask if it is really necessary to categorize IT assets. You will need qualitative as well as quantitative methods to evaluate the risks involved. The importance of IT assets in the objectives and operations of the organization is of prime importance. You should also look into potential threats that may affect the assets like natural disasters, cyber attacks etc. These categorizations will help you analyze the importance of asset control. This in turn will help in planning for a better future.

Categorizing Assets With ERP Asset Management

Asset classification plays an important role for enterprises, as it contributes to the successful asset lifecycle management of different assets. This helps in all the different phases of an asset lifecycle.

At AntMyERP, we offer a range of asset categorization options. You can customize according to your business needs, choose from already-given templates that go well with your requirements, or define your own criteria and procedures for asset classifications.

Our asset tracking software is designed to easily integrate with IT asset management software, and it ensures an uninterrupted approach to asset management throughout its lifecycle.

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