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Supply Chain Management Software

An agile supply chain is a key to running a goods (sales/rental) enterprise successfully and profitably. With that said, an elegant supply chain is one that syncs with demand, supply, internal workflows, and market conditions on time. As a result, any enterprise can become more responsive and aligned to tackle any situation. 

Enterprise can foster excellent supply chain management by adopting a comprehensive planning & analysis technology that synchronizes with the operational and financial plans of the enterprise. Introducing AntMyERP’s supply chain management software that helps you plan unconditionally!

Supply Chain Management Software

Plan Received Sales Order

With our comprehensive supply chain management software, plan each of your sales orders skillfully. Immediately after receiving the order, plan how many products you have in stock and how much to procure for fulfilling the order, the date of dispatch & delivery, and when to complete the entire order, everything from a single screen.

Plan For Delivery

AntMyERP’s supply chain management planning tool provides flexibility in planning your sales order deliveries through two distinct approaches: hand delivery and courier delivery. For hand delivery, strategize who will personally deliver the products to the customer. Meanwhile, for courier delivery, efficiently plan the dispatch of your products using our portal, allowing seamless coordination with multiple courier partners for optimal and streamlined delivery processes.

Plan For Dispatch

Plan your dispatches in advance and never miss the chance to make your loyal customers happy using our platform. Plan the dates of dispatch of different orders and avoid any unwanted delay or drop in dispatching the couriers. Accordingly, coordinate with your courier partners and get your orders delivered in the queue quicker.

Plan For Procurement

Source, obtain, and pay for your goods faster by planning your procurement in supply chain management software. Plan for your logistics management and warehouse management efficiently using our portal. Additionally, plan the entire workflow of converting the procured goods into products and distributing them to customers on the go.

Key Benefits of Planning in Supply Chain Management

Every supply chain management system AntMyERP delivers, has unique customer-specific features. However, at its core, there are a few features at the base of our planning in supply chain management solutions. Have a quick look:

Inventory Planning

Inventory planning forms an inseparable part of supply chain management. With an extensive portal like ours, you can do all from making inventory reservations (for order processing and customer needs) and planning expected supply dates to maintaining an optimal amount of inventory across different categories (products in stock, in transit, and final products). 

Inventory Optimization

AntMyERP goes beyond being a stellar supply chain management software; it serves as a robust cloud-based database. Leveraging historical customer data and reports, enterprises can optimize inventory by analyzing factors such as current demand, inventory carrying costs, lead time, and the strategic reallocation of inventory among various facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and points of sale. This integrated approach ensures not only efficient supply chain management but also strategic decision-making based on comprehensive insights derived from the cloud-based database.

Customer Demand Forecasting

AntMyERP’s supply chain management platform stores and produces insightful data to help the enterprise make informed decisions. Based on historical customer purchase data, sales campaign data, product promotions, real-time sales order information, competitor data, and market risk information, enterprises can forecast customer demand and show the fast moving  stocks, slow moving stocks and non-moving stocks. It makes it easier for the user to make informed decisions on stock planning and purchase decisions.

Why is AntMyERP Customer-favorite?

Utilize our next-generation supply chain planning software to sense demand, enhancing visibility through qualitative and quantitative data. Consolidate insights from various sources for a holistic business perspective.

Dynamically classify items based on segments such as locations, contracts, and customers. Analyze customer behavior according to orders and segment demands, improving supply chain agility.

Leverage our intelligent software to generate highly accurate forecasts, enabling proactive preparation to meet future demands. Precise demand prediction is essential for efficient supply chain management.

Analyze the cause and effect of sales campaigns, seasonality, promotional events, product attributes, and leading indicators. Evaluate these parameters to make necessary inventory adjustments in response to demand changes.

Immerse your enterprise in a technology-driven supply chain management approach to enhance overall operational efficiency. Boost business performance and collaboration, ultimately achieving sales objectives.

Are you still managing your supply chain management plans in an old-fashioned way or excel sheets?

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