ant my erp



The Inventory Spare Management Software helps you manage your entire product line with spares. You can track your inventory categorically with the Service CRM. Operating with multiple branches or locations often make it difficult to track the inventory location for quick sales order execution. Managing inventory at customer’s site is now easy with the service ERP. We help you focus on your core business and we take care for the rest business operation with an automated and integrated way.


Ant My ERP gives its user complete and accurate visibility of the inventory status (the hardware devices or the software products). Inventory can be tracked based on its category, whether it is the main product or the spare parts, or the assembled products. Operating with multiple branches or location often makes it difficult to track the inventory.

The software makes it easy to monitor and analyze the inventory category-wise (product, spares, care packs, toners). Through the software, you can focus on your core business without worrying much about the number of stocks at the office or stock at the client’s place, with the serial number or without a serial number, their values, and their status.

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