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Delivery Logistics Software

On-time delivery is the key to both retaining customers and getting word-of-mouth publicity for your enterprise. For on-time delivery and customer satisfaction, you should exert exceptionally efficient and effective delivery logistics management in your supply chain cycle. To make that happen successfully, implementation of a good delivery logistics software is required.

A delivery and logistics software like ours can help you manage logistics partners, maintain and integrate your logistics processes, and track product deliveries. Also, our practical features like a barcode generator & printer and a tracker of stock’s status, location, & movement history eases your delivery logistics struggles.

Delivery Logistics Software

Get Customer Details with Supply Chain Logistics Management

AntMyERP is a delivery logistics software plus a cloud-based database. On it, you can record and maintain all the details of both customers that you have to either deliver or have delivered the order. For any SCM delivery related data, you have to open only one page, and you can access everything in seconds!

Courier Partner Management

Effortlessly categorize your logistics operations using our integrated two-in-one delivery logistics software, distinguishing between hand delivery and courier delivery. Oversee hand delivery and coordinate courier partners efficiently with a unified, user-friendly platform!

Unbeatable Modules For Delivery and Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Enjoy supreme control with practical features and customization options tailored to your enterprise needs. AntMyERP's master and setting gives you three modules to make your supply chain management flawless in one go:

Admin Module

AntMyERP’s admin module has complete control over the software. It offers countless features including order request management, task allocation, status tracking, and logistics delivery updates. With the admin module, any enterprise can impose 100% control and gain 100% visibility in its supply chain workflows. 

Driver Module

Our full-fledged delivery logistics software facilitates easy integrations with all the leading dropshipping, courier, carrier, and logistics partners. The driver module is purely to keep delivery agents in the loop of your supply chain management who have the details of pickup location, customers, etc. The available agent can either accept or decline the request, and once accepted, you can track their every status and update via our digital portal.

Customer Module

Besides your supply chain management team and delivery logistics partners, our delivery logistics software satisfies customers with its customer module. Customers can easily place orders for products of their choice. Plus, they can track where their shipment is at the moment (in transit, leaving the warehouse, or on the way with a delivery partner). Also, customers can access invoices using our platform at any point in time.

Shipment Tracking Through Delivery Logistics Software

With a comprehensive logistics in supply chain management system, you can constantly monitor your delivery shipments in real time. Whether the shipment has left your warehouse or not, whether it has reached the final customer or not, if it is in transit, where the shipment has reached – you can track everything via one tab!

Logistics Partner App Integration

Integrate your AntMyERP-powered supply chain ERP with a third-party logistics partner app within minutes. Using the API integration option, you can easily track the live location of the logistics in transit every second. Say no to losing track of any valuable products that you dispatch from your warehouse to send to the customers!

Top Three Reasons to Install AntMyERP

Easy to Implement Interface of Delivery Logistics Software

Optimize your delivery logistics with our easy-to-implement and highly scalable software solutions. Our customer success team helps you implement the software and ensures your supply chain runs smoothly, regardless of your business size or nature.

Elite Reports & Insights on Logistics Delivery

AntMyERP’s logistics in the supply chain can help you make well-informed business decisions. With data-driven insights, elite reports, and real-time analytics of your supply chain operations, you can take your enterprise to the next level. 

Effective Fleet Management in SCM Delivery

AntMyERP’s logistics supply chain management software allows you to manage your delivery fleet efficiently based on delivery demands.  You can plan and prepare the perfect mix of owned VS outsourced fleet vehicles to deliver shipments on time. Additionally, you can schedule dispatches by clubbing orders skilfully to utilize every vehicle to its fullest potential.

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