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Best Service Level Agreement Software

Giving after sales services to the customers is of prime importance after a product or service is sold to the customer. The major parameter is promptness. To address the customer issues instantly, service level agreement comes into picture.  Service is the core of your business and SLAs are the core to the customer service contract. You can define your service parameter and track it to improve your service and customer support through the service level agreement software .

AntMyERP helps you achieve operational efficiency with its service level management.

Best Service Level Agreement Software

SLA Escalation Matrix in SLA software

Dynamic SLA creation is now possible with AntMyERP. Every customer contract has a different SLA parameter set for escalation. We help you manage more complex and multiple SLAs with our service level agreement software.

AntMyERP’s service level agreement software allows you to create multiple SLAs for various customers. It helps you create and define parameter into the system for –

  • Remote Call Assistance (RCA)
  • The Response Time
  • The Down Time

You can easily define the escalation matrix into the system based on the level of escalation. You receive notifications for any SLAs breached by your team, either through SMS, email, or notifications. Different escalation levels can be set up to alert you about SLA breaches. This happens easily with the SLA ticketing system.

Time and Serial No. Based SLA in SLA Management System

You can define the escalation matrix for different customers based on the RCA, Response time and Down time of the devices.

Define time based escalation matrix into the Service CRM and have it mapped with the customer contract to get the perfect reporting on the SLA breach. You can create multiple levels of escalation into the service level agreement software based on the response time to the customer support ticket.

It could be for the remote call assistance, response time by visit or the shutdown time for the device. You can also map the serial number of a particular device with a defined SLA and can have the reporting. So the software allows you to create the master of SLA and map it with a defined customer contract or the serial number for improving the service support of your company. This ensures a happy customer service and makes the Sales & AMC Management strong.

SLA Types in SLA Monitoring Software

There can be multiple parameters depending upon the business model and the customers you have. It also depends on the product line of the customers that you are offering support to.

Contract Based SLA

AntMyERP’s service level agreement software allows you to map your customer contract with a defined SLA. We check this SLA parameter when a customer logs a service complaint with you. If your service response breaches any parameter as per the contract terms, the escalation notification goes to the designated authority responsible for handling such issues. So you can ensure contract based escalation level with your customers.

Product Based SLA

Different products and devices need different attention times by the engineers. Hence we give you a facility where you can map the SLA parameters with particular product lines. This enables you to have the SLA checked if any complaint is logged for that particular device. It gives you flexibility to manage your business and customers the way you want. It also gives the customers the leverage to have products based on SLA with you.

Location Based SLA

Different locations have different response times. With AntMyERP you can have location wise SLAs. Reaching out to any location in metro cities is easy and less time consuming as compared to the tier 2 and tier 3 city areas or interior locations. Thus you may have different SLA parameters defined for different locations. This gives you the leverage to allocate your resources well in advance for these locations for attending service calls.

Escalation Notifications and Insights in SLA Tracking Tool

We make the Field Service Management process easy for both you and your customer by ensuring that both parties are aware of the SLA mapped with the customer. The service level agreement software helps you define the notification alerts and escalation timelines to the concerned authorities in the team.

You can have Email notification, SMS or Software Notification for any SLA breach. These help you analyze your customer response time and the difficulties faced by the support team in executing the service support. This dynamic SLA gives you insights for improving your customer support service and also trains and educates your resources well in advance for any support adversities. This unique software solution helps you strengthen your core business of service support and ensures customer satisfaction.

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