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Quotation Management System

As businesses grow, so does the complexity of managing various processes. One such critical process is quotation management. Imagine this process as your business’s conversation starter – the moment when a potential customer shows interest and you need to make a compelling offer. However, keeping track of all these conversations and crafting tailored quotes can become overwhelming. This is where effective quotation management comes to the rescue.

Streamline your quoting process, regardless of whether your business operates in Sales, Rental, AMC, Visit Charge, MPS, ASP, or Unit models. Our quotation management software offers exceptional features that will greatly benefit your sales and outreach teams.

Quotation Management System

Streamlining the Quoting Process

Creating quotes doesn’t have to be hard. With AntMyERP Quotation Management System you can quickly generate quotes using product info from a central database. This keeps things consistent and reduces errors.

Imagine having all your products in one catalog. This central database makes adding items to quotes easy. You can update product details, pricing, and availability for up-to-date quotes.

Personalization impresses clients. Your quoting system should let you customize quotes for each client’s needs. This shows you understand and are committed to them.

Manage your Sales, Service, Rental and Managed Print Service Quotation from AntMyERP

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From Quotes to Invoices: Simplifying the Process with Our Quotation Management Solution

Imagine this: you’ve crafted a quote but want changes before sending to the client. Our Quotation Management solution helps with that. No more Excel hunting – all details are in one database. Send proposals through email using our software.

With our system, quotes become Proforma with a click, streamlining the process. Auto Invoice is created from the Quotation. Plus, you get version control – no outdated quotes, no confusion. And if mistakes happen, revert to previous versions in a snap. It’s your safety net for quotes.

Key Features of Quotation Management in AntMyERP.

We know that creating a quote is the first and really important step for any business. That's why we made a special system to help companies all around the world make quotes better and faster. Our system has cool features that make quoting easier and more effective. Here's what it can do:

Establishing Approval Hierarchies

Before quotes go out, ensure they’re approved. AntMyERP lets managers digitally review and authorize quotes.

You can easily setup Approval system as certain quotes need higher-ups’ approval before reaching clients. Our systems let you set approval steps, ensuring quotes follow the right channels.

Only approved quotation can be viewed from the customer portal and can be converted into Contract

Version Control for Quotes

Quotes change often, and without good version control, you might accidentally share old ones. Reliable systems like AntMyERP track versions, ensuring the latest is sent.

Access to older versions helps fix mistakes quickly, acting like an “undo” button.

In a world of updates, CRM software traces past versions for review. Even if an older version got approved and a new one’s made, it needs approval again. Only the last version can become the contract.

Real-time Collaboration

No need to keep emailing quotes back and forth. With CRM platforms, your sales and pricing teams can now work together on the same quote, no matter where they are.

Think of it like this: CRM software is like a smart helper that pays attention to numbers. It helps you figure out how many quotes actually turn into sales. Plus, it points out where things might be slowing down, so you can make things work even better.

All this with the real time and available to you 24*7

Create Quotations Quicker Than Your Competitors

Learn which product quoted will be how much profitable and what will the overall profit in a particular quotation

With AntMyERP you can easily handle quotes and transactions in various currencies.

Track conversion rates and analyze successful quotes.

Attach relevant documents, terms, and conditions to quotes. You can create multiple Terms and Conditions and attach each of them with each quotation.

Set and manage validity periods for quotes.

Transform Your Sales Strategy with AntMyERP-Enhanced Quotation Management.

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