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Staying in business with the same customers for a long period of time requires a lot of effort. Cracking a sales deal is one thing while regaining the existing customer is altogether a different story. We, at AntMyERP have got you covered for that. Our contract management software is the key to ensure on-time warranty service delivery to all your customers. We look into all this while generating profitable revenue for your enterprise as well.

With a contract management database like AntMyERP, you can manage and monitor all your contracts thoroughly during their entire lifecycle and cut short risks and costs associated with it effectively with its features discussed below.

AntMyERP’s Contract Management Software

Dashboard Solution in Contract Management System

Now you can keep all the important contract info in one place i.e. on AntMyERP’s contract management software. On the software’s dashboard, you can neatly store everything you need to know about each contract. The information like the proposal number, when it all started, how long it lasts when support is available, and even the payment details, will all be visible. Also, you would be able to view the contact person’s name, phone number, cell number, and email. Everything neatly placed on one dashboard.

Approval, Integration and Reporting on Contract Management Platform

AntMyERP’s contract management software streamlines the journey from the initial quote to the final payment.

Our user-friendly system ensures effortless approvals and comprehensive reporting and business insights. This helps you make informed decisions based on historical and real-time data. Also, our software integrates with financial processes, ensuring accurate invoicing, revenue recognition, and financial forecasting. Whether it’s in the office or on the go, authorized users can access real-time contract data from any device. Our software makes the job easier as we have the contract management app too.

Contract Lifecycle in Contract Management

Contracts have a lifecycle, much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. From inception to expiration, each phase demands attention. AntMyERP’s contract management software guides you through each stage, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Central Repository in Contract Management Solutions

AntMyERP’s contract management platform provides a secure place where contracts are stored and organized. These can be easily accessed whenever needed. It’s like having your own special safe for your most valuable documents. That too having filed all the documents related to the contract inside the main contract.

Automated Reminders in Contract Tracking Software

Forgetting to renew the contract is quite common. However, it impacts your image and cash flow and increases your business loss. AntMyERP’s contract management software works like a reliable alarm clock, sending you reminders for important contract events much in advance. This way your team is informed well in advance about the renewal and the action they have to take.

Team Collaboration Using Contract Management Tools

Contracts often involve different departments working together. AntMyERP’s contract management system gathers all these teams onto the same platform. This encourages them to work together smoothly, reducing obstacles, and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Billing and Device Management on Vendor Contract Management Software

We capture all the details in the contract directly from the quotation to reduce the chances of human error. Since the quotation is directly converted into a Contract, the system is capable of making an Auto Invoice.

Our contact management database also has a section for device information. This is where you can keep track of all the devices or items that are part of the contract. You can easily view details like the device’s serial number, description, device movement and the cost. Everything you need to know about these devices is right there at your fingertips.

Benefits of Contract Management

AntMyERP Contract Management Systems provide a centralized hub for all your contracts, making tracking and retrieval a breeze.

Automated workflows cut down manual labour, ensuring contracts move swiftly.

Built-in validation rules minimize the risk of costly mistakes in contracts.

You get automatic alerts before 60 days of contract termination, so you never miss a renewal date.

Keep a pulse on contract status, upcoming renewals, and potential bottlenecks.

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