July 25,2023

Track warranty from website under Return Merchandise Authorization

This integration helps our clients display the data on ERP on their website. Any kind of data like product listings, inventory updates etc. are presented with utmost accuracy with the help of this integration. With this we can bid goodbye to manual entries and elevate the website with on-point data.

July 3,2023

Create Multiple Templates of Proposal under Favorite

Our clients can easily repeat recurring quotations for their customers using our novel approach. Simply check the ‘Is Favorite Proposal’ box to copy the data. As templates, they can save numerous favorite quotations. Simply copy one, add client information, make any necessary modifications to the items and Save.

June 20,2023

Sales Order Dashboard at User Level and Organizational Level

Now our clients can easily track and evaluate sales orders for individuals or teams. They can discover top performers and assure order correctness with real-time data. By streamlining activities, this technology significantly increases team productivity. It eases sales order fulfillment to onboarding using Sales Order Task Management.

June 7,2023

Management Report on Sales Analysis

Our clients can simply find their top clients, top sales performers and best-selling products using this tool, which includes names and stats. They make use of this information to fine-tune their success techniques. To gain access to this report, follow these steps: Navigate to ‘CRM Sales’, then to ‘Report’ and finally to ‘Management Sales Report’. It’s a simple approach to boost your sales! 

May 28,2023

Form Builder for Purchase Order, Invoice and Delivery Notes

Formulating the Purchase Order, Invoice, Inward Outward Challan and printing them the way User feels is now made possible with the Form Builder Feature. This option allows one to hide any field, apart from the mandatory ones in the mentioned Modules. By this, One can choose even the Non Mandatory Fields to be entered, Viewed and Displayed at the time of Printing.

July 25, 2023

Servicenow Integration

A two way integration process where an information can be exchanged between the Service Now Platform and AntMyERP Portal. This feature automates vision in Integrating things more smoothly. Adding on, it reduces the manual work with the aid of digital workflow. This feature thereby aims at creating an ideal User Experience.

April 21,2023

Advance Goal Management

Advance Goal Management feature allows one to set target to the sales team for a specified period through the financial year. It can be set monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly thereby the goal reports can be seen for the target achieved with respect to the target set. There are multiple graphical reporting formats which gives the user goal report and one can analyze the team’s performance and formulate strategies for effective sales and Service Management.

February 5,2023

Serial Number Global Search

AntMyERP provides a new feature of Serial Number Global Search where a User can check the data relating to a specific machine just with the use of keyboard shortcut Alt + S. This functionality aims at reducing the man work also by providing a faster and easiest way of accessing the required details.

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