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Fixed Assets Management Software

Asset management (AM) is one of the chief areas of any industry these days as it involves deploying, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of company assets whenever the need arises. In the simplest words, Asset Management is tracking and recording the tangible items being used by an organization.

Fixed Assets Management Software

Automated Asset Management and Service Management

A simple IT Asset Management Software manages all the hardware and Software along with keeping a summary of all the assets, asset reports, administration reports, software analytics, hardware analytics, approaching dates (service due, warranty, and AMC renewal due), and a list of systems with critical issues.

Managing the tickets (raised, in progress, and completed) becomes super easy with service management features. A company can track everything from the total tickets raised and its engineers involved in resolving service to the total count of tickets solved & closed using the Equipment Management Software.

Real-time Vendor Management and Delivery Management

No IT enterprise can survive without consistent vendor support. With intelligent Asset Management Software, you can ensure overall vendor management in no time. From Auto and manual assignment of the service tickets, issuing gate passes, and preparing the sheet of ongoing vendor transactions to generating invoices, the software helps you do that all at your fingertips.

Also, maintaining the record of asset delivery in a digital space is only possible with office Equipment Management Software. With such a system, you can store all the GRNs (goods received notes) digitally and pull out stats when needed. In addition, through this software, a company can track all the assets in their possession and the ones in customers’ as well.

Prompt Inventory Management

Maintain and Track Assets anywhere anytime with Ant My ERP, a comprehensive package for asset management.  Ant My ERP helps track all assets whether your own devices, AMC devices, or company assets you own.

Multiple uses of inventory at different times, places, and situations make its management tedious. Although in reality, with the Asset Management Software, an organization can keep track of the used tools, replaced, repaired, rejected, & consumed spare parts, and conduct return tracking of a defective inventory seamlessly.

What is in Ant My ERP’s Asset Management Software To Benefit My Business?

Empower your enterprise with Ant My ERPS’s Asset Management Software to take better care of all the assets. Are you wondering what’s in it? Let’s take a sneak peek quickly:

Ability to Cut IT Operating Cost

Bring down the IT operating costs by 10 to 20% while doubling the return on investments using Ant My ERP’s office Equipment Management Software.

Potential to Reduce Turnaround Time (TAT) of Helpdesk Tickets

Bring down the resolution ticket by eliminating human transition in help desk tickets. Manage, maintain and resolve everything from a single destination, Ant My ERP’s Fixed Asset Management Software.

Better Policies, Bigger Compliance

Establish standard policies for all your customers and vendors. With that said, Ant My ERP’s Asset Management System ensures compliance by up to 30%.

What Can an Asset Management System Do For My Business?

  • Present a 360-degree view of the company’s assets
  • Gather & evaluate data of each asset 
  • Automated management of all company’s assets
  • Foster smooth operations through assets availability, reliability, and usage
  • Prolong life of all the useful company’s assets
  • Unify all the assets-related processes on a single software
  • Create a repository for storing all asset-related documents
  • Maintain intercompany and intra-company asset transfer history
  • Generate on-time alerts to vendors, customers, and enterprises informing real-time asset status

It‘s never too late to invest in the correct Asset Management Software for a better return on investment

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