Understanding Calendar

The Calendar utility of AntMyERP shows the tasks assigned to the user or users for any particular day, week or month.



There is no permission required to use the calendar.


Viewing Calendar

Navigate to the top menu> Calendar icon.

A calendar for the current date will appear by default.

Select the options Month, Week or Day as preferred.

All the tasks will be visible according to the colour code. For example: Red for Due Task, Yellow for Follow up task.

The user can plan their work according to the tasks.

Note: All the colour codes are indexed.


Plan Tasks

In case you are at a senior level and want to view or plan tasks for your employees, follow the below steps:

In the calendar, click on the Search icon on the top right corner.

Select the employee you want to plan for.

Click on the Search button.

This will show you the calendar of the desired employee. You can assign tasks depending on their availability.


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