Top Features in FSM Software for EV Charging Station Equipment Maintenance

Top Features in FSM Software for EV Charging Station Equipment Maintenance

by Atiksha Sharma



A growing number of people are opting to reduce their daily oil and gas expenditures by purchasing electric vehicles. It follows that as the demand for electric vehicles grows, there will be a greater need for charging stations. Taking care of these stations properly is very important and involves many things. Among these responsibilities are maintenance, inventory management, repairs, and customer service. In light of these concerns, FSM software is becoming more popular among EV charging station operators for the purpose of equipment maintenance. In order to manage and organise various fields, the software offers a centralised interface. 

This blog post will talk about the best features in FSM software designed for maintaining EV charging station equipment. We will also discuss how these features help the charging infrastructure work smoothly.

Top 5 Features of FSM Software 

Here are the top 5 features that make FSM (Field Service Management) software useful for maintaining the equipment at EV charging stations:

Manage a Mobile Workforce with Field Service CRM Software

One of the most powerful innovations in technology is the smartphone, which is constantly improving. Mobile workforce management brings together field technicians in a more effective manner. This field service CRM software feature allows them to access their work orders, documentation, and even relevant customer information. With the FSM software’s mobile friendly interface, field technicians can get their assignments, snap photos, and check the status of work orders from anywhere. 

While field technicians are out at charging stations in various locations, this feature encourages strong communication, which ultimately leads to increased productivity.  

Analytics for Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance Analytics aid in identifying repair needs and equipment failures through the use of machine learning algorithms. FSM software looks at past data, measurements of how well equipment is working, and environmental factors to predict problems before they happen. By spotting early warning signs of possible equipment problems, operators can plan maintenance ahead of time, make the best use of resources, and cut down on downtime.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM feature is one of the most popular and preferred features by many businesses. Charge point operators can use the CRM feature to keep track of customer interactions, service requests, and feedback all in one place. They can even see the whole customer profile, including their service history, communication preferences, and more. This allows them to provide better customer service by encouraging personalised interactions. 

CRM systems’ ease of integration allows for active communication with customers, feedback sharing, and quick error resolution. More satisfied and loyal customers will stay with a business that offers this kind of service.

Self-Service Portal for Customers with Field Service Scheduling Software

Giving customers the ability to view their own service requests makes them feel valued. Electric vehicle drivers can now submit service requests online through the self-service portal feature of field service scheduling software. They can even use the software to see how maintenance tasks are progressing and get crucial data.

Customers can log in, view their service history, and even set up their own appointments thanks to the intuitive interface. They are able to maintain communication with support staff, which promotes an equitable and open work system for all customers. 

Advanced System for Managing Work Orders

The capacity to organise the management of numerous work orders is a top feature of FSM software. The software offers a unified platform for efficient maintenance tasks related to the equipment used in electric vehicle charging stations. Make, delegate, and monitor progress on work orders with ease. 

Charge point operators can easily schedule preventive maintenance, respond to equipment failures, and manage service requests.  

The software even improves the ability to prioritise tasks based on their urgency and assign them to the appropriate technician immediately. As a result, services are provided on time with no additional downtime, and work order management is made easier. 


AntMyERP’s FSM software for EV charging stations includes a variety of additional features, such as remote software updates, parts management, safety and compliance features, real-time collaboration, customer satisfaction surveys, and cost savings.

With AntMyERP, you can control every step of the field service process. All service tickets and PM tickets can be created, assigned, and tracked. with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that has been mapped. You can keep track of all spare parts issued or requested in a few simple steps. You can manage all of your active Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) service contracts, track their renewal status, and receive notifications in advance.

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