How RMA Tracking Software helps electrical suppliers

How RMA Tracking Software helps electrical suppliers

by Atiksha Sharma



In the trading, building and gearbox parts of the electrical business, it is important to keep things running smoothly on a regular basis. One minor error can disrupt the entire configuration of this setup. Sometimes the little tools that go into making the big tools break or do not work right. These include transformers, circuit breakers, cables, connectors, and more. One thing that has the most impact on electrical suppliers is how they handle return management authorization. There are a lot of mistakes that can happen when you handle a lot of product returns by hand. This is where RMA tracking software is made to make it easier for electrical suppliers to handle returns. 


What is the Electrical Equipment Business?

Any enterprise that deals with the discovery, building, generating, transmitting, distributing, using, trading, exchanging, controlling, testing, or inspection of electrical power is considered an electrical business.


What are the Challenges?

Before talking about the pros of RMA return tracking software, it is important to know how hard it is for electrical suppliers to handle returns without it.


Difficulty with Tracking

Since many products are sent to many customers, keeping track of returns by hand can become difficult. It requires keeping very accurate records and a lot of work, which increases the chance of making more mistakes.


Problems in Communicating

To make return management go smoothly, suppliers, customers, and internal departments must be able to talk to each other clearly. Miscommunication can cause delays and confusion if the right systems are not in place.


Inventory Management

Returns have a direct effect on managing inventory. Without real-time tracking and updates, suppliers may have trouble keeping track of their inventory. This could cause wholesale electrical supplies to run out or have too much on hand.


How does RMA Software add value to Switch Power Companies?

RMA software is a centralised platform for managing returns, repairs, and replacements of faulty or malfunctioning equipment. Electrical equipment suppliers use return material authorization, which has essential features and functionalities like:


Return Authorization

The ability to manage Return Authorizations is another useful feature for wire suppliers. Electrical suppliers can use RMA software to initiate and track return authorization requests for defective or malfunctioning equipment. Everyone, from field technicians to customer service agents, can use this tool to submit RMA requests. All they need to do is provide the necessary information, such as serial numbers, issue descriptions, and proof of purchase (invoice).


Product Warranty Monitoring through Return Material Authorization Process 

In addition to being useful, RMA software makes it easier to keep track of warranties. Electrical suppliers can keep an eye on charging equipment warranties and even handle them as part of the process for authorising the return of goods. It functions as a centralised database for storing warranty information, expiration dates, and claim statuses, as well as ensuring compliance with warranty terms and conditions. This feature of the RMA tracking system improves the ability to reimburse for warranties that cover repairs or replacements.  


Maintenance and Repair Management

Running an electrical business is difficult, but the return material authorization process helps in a variety of ways. However, the most important way it makes electrical businesses more valuable is by making repair management better. The entire repair management process operates by assigning repair tasks to technicians via the software itself. As soon as the technician is given the job, the software can track the repair process and take care of the service ticket for that problem. 

On the other hand, the software allows the field technician to access repair instructions, troubleshooting guides, and diagnostic tools. This part of the RMA software helps you find and fix equipment problems more quickly.


RMA CRM for Better Communication  

RMA system software makes it easy for suppliers, customers, and internal departments to talk to each other. At every step of the return process, it sends notifications and updates to everyone involved, such as electrical cable suppliers. This keeps everyone informed and lowers the chance of misunderstandings.


Shipment through RMA Tracking Software

RMA software makes it easy and accurate to manage devices with your OEMs and vendor partners. When you work with OEMs, you can fully track and see the device’s serial number. 

RMA CRM makes it easy to handle both forward and reverse shipments. After making sure the warranty is still valid, you can either bring the serial number in for repair on-site or work with your vendor partners to handle repair on-site. If you have a serial number for the shipment, you can keep track of it and manage multiple logistics partners.

In the same way, you can also send the device to the OEM for replacement if it is still under warranty. You can also keep track of the replacement device by seeing how it was shipped and how it got delivered. With RMA, you have control over your operations and the supply chain, and you can handle the RMA process well.


Next Steps?

When you use our RMA tracking software to handle RMAs for your electrical business, you can import and upload RMAs for products that you have sold. You can enter the new ones manually into the software to ensure proper RMA processing.

The RMA process has a strong way of approving things. If you use the approval number that the OEMs give you, you can be sure that you do not fix, replace, or reject any product. You can start the RMA process once the OEM confirms and approves the warranty. The system gives each party an authorization or approval number that they can use to keep track of the shipments.


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