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What Customers Need and Want

by Dhara Boricha



“Hello Everyone”, I greeted all my colleagues while entering the meeting room.

We had a meeting about upgrading our product and making it more dynamic and vibrant.

Our company had done a survey on software products in the market, especially for the service industry. We were discussing the views of different observers and we found out that most observers claimed that they have different features and they spoke about their attractive pricing. Although, I felt as if most of them are the same.

I started thinking outside the box, and asked, “If products are similar across all competitors, why are some companies excelling and others are still finding their way out? Does it really depend only on the product?”

My colleague Mr. Amit, who is my senior replied, “It mainly depends on the company, the values under which that product has been wrapped, and the attractiveness that it provides to customers to be hooked on to. This is what we plan on doing. We have to work towards creating the complete package around the product.”

“Dhara, please start noting the MOM’s to the “How to make our product successful. And, let’s also start discussing it from scratch to work on the improvisation of the system and product” prompted Mr. Amit from the other end of the desk.

I started noting the MOM’s from the discussions to beautify our product; not only as a product but also working on different parameters around it and how it needs to be presented to our potential clients.

Our MOM’s came out as a Super factor that would direct us to enhance our product and its strategies.

  • understanding of conditions the software has to work in and living up to the necessary requirements, showing your customers that you understand their pain
  • compassionate and caring responses. This enables you to understand their requirements

But, your objective is to ensure that every Potential client gets the cost-effective approach with dedicated service and integrated solutions to their business

  • Customers are the lifeblood of any business. If you want your business to grow and stay healthy, you need to listen to whatever input your customers give you in their customer feedback. This will help improve your customer loyalty program

“Always remember team, people don’t buy products”, addressed Mr. Amit. “They purchase the instruments of organizations that they value, support, and feel happy with; the values that coincide with their own.”

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