CNC Machine preventive maintenance checklist 2024

CNC Machine preventive maintenance checklist 2024

by Atiksha Sharma



CNC machines are the most advanced and cutting-edge tools available in the manufacturing industry. Due to their complexity, these machines necessitate routine servicing to guarantee optimal performance.  A thorough preventative maintenance checklist for CNC machines must be used to make this equipment last longer. In order to avoid costly machine breakdowns, this helps to detect problems or malfunctions in advance. 

In this blog, we will discuss the significance of CNC machines and their various types. Along with that, we will go over a detailed milling machine preventive maintenance checklist.

Why is CNC machine tool maintenance required?

CNC machine tools are superior to other tools because of their exceptional accuracy. These machines can keep going for a long time because of how sturdy and powerful they are. A wide variety of CNC machines, including milling machines, lathes, and others, can execute a wide range of operations.  A great deal of complexity goes into these drilling, shaping, and cutting jobs. Only custom-made software and hardware can provide this degree of functionality. The long hours of cutting for various parts and their superior performance make them highly susceptible to preventive maintenance. 

Types of preventive maintenance in CNC machining industry

  1. Time-Based Maintenance
  2. Usage-Based Maintenance
  3. Condition-Based Maintenance
  4. Predictive Maintenance
  5. Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RCM)
  6. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

CNC preventive maintenance checklist

Here are few Preventive maintenance checklist;

The first checklist includes the creation of a proper maintenance plan. This plan must be based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, how the machine is used, and the area it serves. 

It is important that technicians receive proper training on maintenance procedures. This must include:

  • Following the safety rules
    • and using the tools to make sure they know how to use them and follow the rules.

To keep track of machine performance and spot trends over time, keep thorough maintenance records that include inspection reports, maintenance logs, and service histories.

To see how well preventive maintenance is working, you should check the machine’s accuracy on a regular basis by measuring the surface finish and looking at how long the tools last.

If you need technical help, spare parts, or specialised maintenance services, work with equipment suppliers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and certified service providers. 

Boost efficiency through milling machine preventive maintenance checklist

Lastly, preventive maintenance is a very useful tool that helps the CNC machining industry make its operations stronger. In fact, it makes it a lot easier for maintenance teams to work with their tools. Combined with capabilities like asset lifecycle management, mobile access, and remote tracking, preventive maintenance software is an effective tool. 

We recommend AntMyERP to anyone working in CNC machining or a similar industry who requires an all-inclusive solution for their maintenance needs. An adaptable, all-inclusive software service is what you get with it. 

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