Managed IT Services

IT Hardware Industry has challenges that are unique to itself. It involves not only managing a constant stream of inward spares and products but also delivering great customer service at efficient prices. AntMyERP helps you do all that and more, and in turn, transforms your business into a well-oiled machine.

We have integrated the Service Module with AMC Management, Field Service Management, Mobile Apps, Preventive Maintenance, and Spare Parts.

With Spare Parts Inventory Management, you can keep track of all SKUs with Stock management, procurement, order fulfillment, and inventory control systems.

Create auto invoicing to simplify and accelerate your billing process.

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Managed Print Service

AntMyERP provides a specialized solution to your MPS needs with Auto Invoicing of Per Page Invoicing or/and Toner Supply Based Invoicing.

Three core functions of Managed Print Service ( MPS) business processes are Field Service Management, Toners, and Consumables supply, and Meter Reading and Auto Invoicing.

  • Manage your timely break-fix and preventive maintenance service calls along with the spare parts management with our MPS Service ERP
  • Manage and track your consumables supply along with the insight of consumables usage vs yield effectively
  • Maintain the meter reading in the system and it takes care of all the invoices based on the meter reading and customer MPS contract.
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Security System

Security devices and Alarm systems are a growing industry and it has the potential to grow manifolds. You manage big projects involving a huge number of security devices.

Thus, managing and maintaining Contracts, Inventory, Invoicing, and services become more challenging and painful if not supported by a digital platform that automates the business process.

AntMyERP enables your organization to maintain the performance of your clients’ alarm systems, security cameras, and other fire and security equipment.

You can effectively manage CRM Sales, Purchases, Assets, Inventory, Services, and Supply chains through this automated and integrated platform.

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Audio and Video Industry

ERP Software for Audio Video Systems Integrators.

AntMyERP solution is tailor-made for businesses that sell and service, over a massive geographical footprint, audio-video products such as audio and video conferencing equipment, projectors, cameras, display units, and much more.

AntMyERP is a unique integrated tool that tightly integrates Service Management, CRM Sales, Spare Parts, and Inventory, Human Resources, Finance, Assets Management, Purchase, Supply Chain, and Task Management to give you meaningful insights into your business.

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Telecom Solution

Telecom system integrators need to find a new innovative way to manage their business processes due to low margins and high service demands. AntMyERP helps you manage your entire business process with just one software. A few important features are:
CRM Sales
Field Services
AMC Contract Service Management
Spare Parts Inventory Management

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HVAC Industry

We understand you manage the complex business process since you are dealing with many multiple field service technicians and multiple spare parts at different locations.

Our system is designed to manage your business by integrating these modules:

  • Service Management
  • CRM Sales
  • Spare Parts and Inventory
  • Human Resource
  • Finance
  • Assets Management
  • Purchase
  • Supply Chain
  • Task Management
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Medical Equipment

One solution for all your problem areas – AntMyERP (Complete Service ERP for Medical Equipment Dealers.

Sales or Rental Process: Manage and boost your sales with AntMyERP. You can also manage the rental of medical devices starting from lead generation to quotation to invoicing.

After Sales Service helps you manage your service calls within SLA as per your contract with the client. Timely preventive maintenance helps to keep the medical equipment fit and running.

Inventory: Track your medical equipment and devices in stock, with their live location. Have complete control over your inventory while managing multiple branches.

Engineers Spare Parts: Track all inventory spare parts consumed for your medical equipment. Maintain the history of spare parts with the engineers and track the engineer’s performance as well.

Invoicing:  Create and manage auto invoicing and enable fast processing of billing. The robotic process makes your invoicing more effective and faster.

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Power Equipment

Manage your power equipment like generators Sales, Rent, or AMC business with AntMyERP.

Field Service Management with dynamic SLA and usage-based Preventive Maintenance plays a vital role in the power equipment industry. We are experts in all these.

You can track the meter readings and improve and accelerate your billing process.

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Sales and Purchase

Every business in some way do sales and purchase. In Field Service Management managing customers and prospective leads, vendors, and suppliers have a great role in business operations. AntMyERP is a unique Service CRM that helps you boost your sales business. Strong Customer Management and Vendor Management help you manage you:

  • CRM and Lead Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Management
  • AMC Management
  • Asset Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Auto Invoicing
  • Auto Expense Vouchers
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Rental Business

The rental business has become popular in almost many industry segments. Hardware and other equipment companies focus more on Rental for business growth nowadays. AntMyERP is a specialized ERP software solution for companies indulging in renting. We help you manage your devices, their pickup management, replacement, and more.

  • Rental leads
  • Rental Quotation and Contracts
  • Field Service Support
  • Procurement
  • Inventory Locations
  • Assets
  • Repair, Replace
  • Auto billing
  • Auto Expense Management
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Authorised Service Partner

You deal with multiple OEMs and are their Authorised Service Partners for different locations. We help you manage your complex Service Support in a simplified way with the Service ERP. You can manage multiple vendor partners who support you in providing services to your OEMs.

You can have strong vendor management and client management where you can ensure very accurate and fast Field Service Management.

The software gives you the facility to raise specific ASP quotations as per your business and manage all your OEM partners well. You can easily manage Complain Service Tickets, Spare parts requests, Returns, Replacement, or Repair for your devices.

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Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC Management can be your core business model and we help you boost and accelerate the sales and service you manage for your customers. AntMyERP manages the AMC business model very effectively and gives you clarity on the warranty of devices, the inventory you own, and the customer devices you manage.

We help you manage both Comprehensive and Non-Comprehensive AMC management and give meaningful reporting and insights relevant to AMC business. We help you track the device warranty and manage your AMC effectively without losing sight of the customer contract and the customer’s Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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Visit Call Service Management

Service is the core of your business growth. AntMyERP manages in-depth field service for you. You can provide services to your end customers on a per-visit basis.

Our Service ERP is designed in a way where you can focus on your business the way you do business with clients. You can manage customer services on a per-visit basis and manage the customer complaints, the service engineers, and the spare parts management.

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Managed Print Service Business

Managed Print Services (MPS/ FSMA/ Per page) can be very effectively managed with AntMyERP. The software caters to each and every minute detail of the MPS business and gives you the flexibility to manage the MPS business with more accuracy and control over your business.

It gives you control over the per-page billing and invoicing. It gives timely notification and assigns engineers for Preventive Maintenance tickets. It helps you manage your consumables and toner request very precisely with actuals.

It allows you to enter the counter readings and get a meaningful reporting structure for the MPS business. The Service ERP very effectively manages your Field Service and Engineers with an easy-to-use Technician Mobile App, to manage the complaint service tickets and spare parts and expense management.

Assests Management

Corporates and Service Providers can effectively manage their Assets with AntMyERP. The software acts as a central repository for all assets which gives you information about assets and their current location. You can manage multiple branches multi-location through the software and have control over your assets.

You can manage multiple partners or vendors who manage your asset’s purchase and after-sales services.

The Service CRM allows you to manage Gate Pass Management where you can track all outward and inward assets effectively.

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