Need for field service software in Air filtration business

Need for field service software in Air filtration business

by Atiksha Sharma



Modern air filtering systems are a big part of keeping the air in factories clean, safe, and healthy. These amenities are needed in most places. Some are office buildings, factories, medical centres, and other types of buildings. Strong air filtration is needed in all of these places to keep them safe for people and to keep equipment working properly. These factors make it hard to manage and maintain air filtration systems. To address such issues, field service software emerges as a progressive solution.

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of field service software. Along with this, we will discuss some FSM features for air filtration businesses. 

Importance of Field service Software for Commercial Air Purifiers

Field service management (FSM) is the management and organisation of remote workers as well as the resources required to ensure optimal job performance. It used to take a lot of phone calls and records being passed back and forth between customers, field service technicians, and office staff to do this.

Professionals who work in the field can easily access and update their schedules with Field Service job management software. They can look at old bills, customer records, and other important data. Furthermore, the field service software lets customers schedule service, keep track of their service requests, see how the field service is going, and even talk to technicians. All of this is possible using a mobile device. 

How can FSM Software improve Service Quality, Organise Processes, and make them more efficient?

Let’s discuss some useful ways through which Service Dispatch Software

helps with air filtration systems.

FSM Software Empowers Mobile Workers

Field service Technicians are the main people who work for air filtration companies. When technicians are given the ability to do mobile field service, their skill level greatly increases. All the necessary documents and information are readily available to them with the help of the field service software. Mobile FSM software gives technicians the tools they need to quickly fix problems, keep services running smoothly, and provide better service air filters for houses. They can do this by remotely accessing equipment manuals and service histories, communicating with support teams in real time, and checking the inventory of spare parts.

Improvements in Service Scheduling and Dispatching

In the air filtration business, it is critical to keep these systems in good working order and service them on time. Businesses for air filter installation can automate the process of scheduling and sending out service calls with the help of field service software. This lets the software’s automation feature automatically assign resources. The FSM software streamlines scheduling processes, gives users real-time insights into technician availability and workload capacity, reduces downtime, speeds up service delivery, and boosts customer satisfaction.

QR Code Integration for Asset Identification and Tracking

The field service management software now has a QR code feature that makes it even better for managing an air filtration business.  Putting QR codes on commercial air filtration systems makes it easy for technicians to find the right equipment by scanning the codes. You can find important information in these QR codes, like

  • Technical details of the equipment
  • History of maintenance
  • Details about warranties
  • Service instructions 

Technicians can do their jobs correctly and on time with this much more advanced QR code scan feature. 

How Can AntMyERP Help?

An added bonus to AntMyERP is that it now lets you log in to service calls and order new supplies. To do this, all you have to do is scan the QR code on the device. This works with any smartphone that can scan QR codes, so both your employees and your customers can use it. In addition to making the process easier, this also helps cut down on the likelihood of human error.


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