AntMyERP Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Medical Equipment industry

Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Medical Equipment industry

by Maulik Davda



Preventive maintenance is an essential aspect of the medical equipment industry as it deals with human life. here’s a checklist for preventive maintenance for the medical equipment industry:



To prevent the transmission of infections, medical equipment should be regularly cleaned and sanitized.



Calibrate medical equipment on a regular basis to ensure accurate readings and measurements.



Regularly inspect medical equipment to identify potential problems and ensure that it works properly


Battery Testing:

Test the batteries in medical equipment to ensure their functionality, and replace them periodically.


Electrical Safety:

Regularly inspect electrical systems and components for safety and regulatory conformance.


Preventive Maintenance Schedule:

To ensure that all medical equipment is regularly examined and maintained, develop and implement a preventive maintenance schedule.


Software Updates:

Update the software on medical equipment periodically to ensure its optimal performance and safety.


Temperature and Humidity Control:

Ensure that medical equipment is stored and used within the expert-recommended temperature and humidity range to avoid damage or malfunction.


Emergency Backup Power:

Implement and maintain emergency power supply systems to ensure that essential medical equipment can continue to function during a power outage.


X-ray Machine Maintenance:

Regularly inspect and maintain X-ray devices to ensure that they are emitting radiation at safe levels and are operating optimally.

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