How AV Rental Software Optimises Inventory Management

How AV Rental Software Optimises Inventory Management

by Atiksha Sharma



Businesses that deal with audio video rental will be around for a long time. It is a thriving industry that is essential to the smooth running of any event or programme. Rental companies encounter various obstacles when it comes to managing their inventory, given the wide variety of equipment they handle. When it comes to this, AV rental software has proven to be an effective tool for these companies to streamline and improve their inventory management. 

What is Audio Visual Business?

An audiovisual (AV) company is usually involved in the event management process. It could be any kind of event, like a party, a brand launch, an award ceremony, or something else. These companies are in charge of managing things like microphones, video screens, and lighting systems. The success of these events depends on the work of these companies.

3 Top benefits of Audio Video Business Management Software

Now you know about the audio visual rental company and what it does. Now, let us look at three of the best reasons why AV rental companies should use software to run their businesses.

Real-Time Availability Updates

Without any help from automation, it is hard to keep track of many orders at once. Equipment rental business software, on the other hand, provides updates on availability in real time. This feature ensures that both employees and customers can access and stay informed about the availability of equipment. The automation feature of the software keeps track of when a rental is booked or returned. This ensures precision and lessens the possibility of mistakes. It gives clients peace of mind when they book the rental equipment.  

Barcode and RFID Integration Capabilities with Audio Visual Business Software


Most AV rental software, like AntMyERPs, has the ability to scan barcodes and use RFID technology. This feature makes the whole process of managing inventory faster and easier. By putting barcode labels on rental items, businesses can 

  • Scan items in and out of inventory 
  • Keeping track of their movements
  • and monitor their usage.

With the barcode scan feature, less manual effort is required, which in turn reduces the possibility of human error. Additionally, this feature enhances the process’s security and accuracy in inventory management. 

Keep Tabs on Servicing and Maintenance

Rental companies must keep the quality and performance of their AV equipment in good shape if they want to give their customers a great rental experience. AV rental software has tools for keeping track of service and maintenance on equipment, which lets rental companies 

  • Schedule regular inspections
  • Repairs, 
  • and servicing tasks. 

The software automatically sends maintenance reminders to make sure that equipment is serviced on time and the way the manufacturer suggests. Through proactive maintenance management, rental businesses can cut down on downtime, increase the lifespan of equipment. They can also lower the chance of malfunctions during rentals.


When it comes to field service management software, AntMyERP is the gold standard. Service ticket management, Field Service, AMC Management, Root Cause Analysis, and the Help Desk are just a few of the many service management tools that we have integrated. With an auto distance expense voucher, your service technician can manage your service tickets from their mobile apps.

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