The Top 6 Benefits of FSM Software for Solar Contractors

The Top 6 Benefits of FSM Software for Solar Contractors

by Atiksha Sharma



Each passing day brings fresh innovations in technology and fresh perspectives to an already dynamic world. Solar power is the one innovation that has revolutionised the energy industry. It has established itself as the most environmentally friendly energy option. But since the solar industry is growing so quickly, more companies are opening up to offer great services. In such a competitive market, FSM software provides an advantage for these industries to stay on top. Solar contractors can maintain their position by implementing high-quality FSM software. 

Here are six advantages provided by FSM software for solar contractors.

Transparency and communication in real-time 

Field services take place outside of the service provider’s offices and in various locations. These locations may be quite far away from the office itself. This distance separates the technicians and managers. Managers are therefore unaware of the field’s location. 

In the same way, field technicians who work in remote areas are still limited by ways of communicating that do not always work. In such cases, field software for solar contractors provides comprehensive visibility into all field activities. It also allows you to maintain constant communication with the field technicians. 

The best field service software includes a technician mobile app with features like receiving alerts and taking notes while on the go. They can have complete access to the customer’s information as well as task details through the app.  

Managers, on the other hand, can keep track of their technician’s work progress. They can also use the software’s GPS to determine their location with greater accuracy. This allows them to stay informed and respond quickly if assistance is required. 

The FSM software benefits customers by allowing them to view their service requests and their status. They are notified of the technician’s arrival in advance and receive automated invoices for a more efficient experience. 

Work order management with Field Service CRM Software

Managing work orders for multiple clients can be time-consuming and error-prone. With field service CRM software, all word order management can be centralised, allowing solar contractors to create, assign, and track work orders from a single platform. 

Field technicians can access their work orders directly from their mobile apps, eliminating the need to carry any documents with them to the location. This feature improves overall communication strength and transparency. 

Furthermore, FSM software allows solar contractors to prioritise urgent tasks, track them, and collect useful data and records throughout the process. 

Inventory and Equipment Tracking

Another benefit of installing FSM software on your system is the ability to track inventory and equipment. 

Poor inventory management can be a major source of inefficiencies in field service. Problems in the supply chain can cause stores to run out of goods. This can lead to misunderstandings, and managers may give out tasks without first checking the inventory. Consequently, the technician has to go back to the office without finishing the task completely. The need to go back costs money and takes more time, which means service is delayed and customers are unhappy. 

Integrated inventory management lets you keep track of solar panels, spare parts, investors, and the tools you need to start the work order in real time. 

This ensures that you are never out of stock and have visibility into stock levels. 

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is very important for keeping solar installations in good shape and avoiding expensive repairs. With FSM software, solar contractors can automatically schedule regular maintenance tasks like cleaning the panels, checking the system, and updating the firmware. 

By proactively addressing potential problems and performing regular maintenance, contractors can keep systems from breaking down, improve performance, and make customers happier with solar systems that work well.

Integration with Accounting and Billing Systems

Adding FSM software to accounting and billing systems makes financial tasks easier and makes sure that bills are sent correctly and payments are tracked. The best field service software can make invoices automatically based on finished work orders, keep track of payments, and balance accounts payable and receivable. 

Improved cash flow, less administrative overhead, and fewer mistakes caused by manual invoicing are all benefits that contractors can reap from automating their billing processes.

Compliance Management

When it comes to installing and maintaining solar systems, contractors must follow a number of rules and industry standards. Using FSM software, contractors can keep tabs on all the necessary certifications, permits, and regulatory paperwork for installations and services. This makes compliance more manageable. 

Contractors can avoid penalties and fines for noncompliance by staying current with regulatory requirements through automated compliance checks and reminders.


It is the best field service software for the solar service industry because it has all the service management modules and other business processes built in. If you want to run your solar service business the right way, the best software will help you manage your customers and technicians.

The best solar field service software seeks to boost customer happiness and make jobs easier for solar energy technicians. It does this by being easy to use on mobile devices and by providing useful training. Businesses that work with solar energy can be more productive and provide better customer service when they use this software.


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