Service and repair management software for CNC Router/mill machine

Service and repair management software for CNC Router/mill machine

by Atiksha Sharma



Modern manufacturing relies on computer numerical control (CNC) routers and mills. Due to the high level of sophistication of these machines, it is necessary to periodically handle them with care. The consistent servicing, maintenance, and repairs carried out on the tool increase its longevity and dependability. All of this necessitates the use of reliable service and repair management software. 

In this blog, we will learn about CNC router/mill machines. In addition, we will go over the advantages of service and repair software. 

What is CNC Router/mill machinery?

It takes a special set of tools called a CNC router machine to make complicated shapes out of soft materials.

They might be crafted from metal, plastic, wood, or even foam. It is made so that these routers can work with thin things like metal plates or wooden boards. The G-code is a set of computer-generated instructions that move a fast-rotating cutting tool to different coordinates to make a certain shape. The cost of a CNC router is lower than that of a mill machine. CNC router is a piece of technology that small businesses can afford to buy because it is not too expensive. 

Advantages of service and repair software for CNC Router machines

Here are a few advantages for repair service software for CNC Router machines:

Enhancement of Maintenance Effectiveness with Repair Management Software

  • The service and repair management software helps optimise CNC router machine maintenance processes. Allowing operators and maintenance teams to work together better can help reach this goal. Helping CNC router workers keep track of their work orders can lower the overall cost of labour. This is done by keeping track of spare parts and keeping records of service histories. The technicians can complete maintenance tasks with ease, which leads to quicker turnaround times.

Advances in Equipment Reliability with Repair Service Software

The enhancement of equipment reliability is yet another benefit of implementing service and repair software. You can make CNC routers more reliable and productive by making it easier for them to get maintenance and repairs when they need them. On top of that, preventative maintenance tasks like 

  • Lubrication
  • Calibration
  • And inspections

Keep you from having to deal with premature wear and component failures.

Making this change makes CNC routers and mills last longer and saves a lot of money. 

Optimised Spare Parts Inventory with Service and Repair Software

With the help of service and repair management software, companies can also optimise the management of spare parts inventory by tracking

  • Usage
  • Stock levels,
  • And reorder points

This speciality helps companies that use CNC routers and mills keep accurate records of their inventory and automate the process of restocking. 

The risk of running out of important spare parts and having to delay production is lower when there are enough on hand.


Using AntMyERP, Find out quickly through our digital repair centre if the devices you want fixed are covered by any contracts and what the costs are. Set different prices for labour and spare parts that the customer or vendor should pay for, and your expenses will be managed automatically. 

Our service and repair management software lets you make computerised bills that you can email directly to customers and vendors.

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