VarIndia- RemaxWorld Expo 2019 , letting the world know of Ant My ERP

Remax World 2019

by Arvind



AntMyERP was presented at RemaxWorld Expo 2019, the world’s largest trade show for the office equipment and supplies industry. The three-day event was held at Zhuhai, China from October 17th to 19th, 2019, and is known as an international platform for networking, launching, and exhibiting new products. This year the event witnessed the participation of 450 exhibitors and more than 10000 visitors.

AntMyERP solution/software received an overwhelming response from the visitors at the event. Generally, SMEs use multiple software to manage their business operations, thus resulting in increased cost and reduced productivity. AntMyERP addresses the concerns and offers innovative strategies like ‘Work from Home’ and ‘Outsourcing as a Core’ to achieve business goals. Visitors were surprised to see how AntMyERP can automate business operations with the simple collaboration of many apps and functions.

AntMyERP has been widely admired by SMEs and RemaxExpo was a great platform to acknowledge this. Pau Esteve, Founder of AMR Spain, had traveled to Zhuhai to support AntMyERP at the event. AntMyERP earned more than 125+ business leads from over 40 countries at the trade show. Most of them showed interest in leveraging AntMyERP software to enhance their market presence in their respective countries.

Arvind Didwania, Founder of AntMyERP says, “It was our pleasure to be part of such a big platform like RemaxWorld Expo 2019. Our journey of building AntMyERP began in 2018 when we realized that SME business across segments faces challenges when it comes to managing multiple software to run office functions. In a short span of time, we have come a long way. People across the globe need AntMyERP as ‘One Software’ to manage their MPS and IT business. In terms of value, it is priceless when we see people excited to implement AntMyERP to make their and their employees’ lives better. Witnessing the excitement of attendees, we are planning to release AntMyERP as multilingual and multi-currency,”.


AntMyERP is opted by a lot of SMEs for IT, office automation, audiovisual and security industry, who are engaged in the business of sales, service, rental, MPS, AMC, and repairs. In order to strengthen its presence in the market, AntMyERP will soon have local resources in different countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. These local resources will work closely with the clients and business partners.

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