AMC's Remarkable Journey - AntmyERP's Evolution

Our Journey

by Dhara Boricha



“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” –Martin Buber

The exciting journey of AntMyERP echoes the same thought. The journey of one business led to a unique destination that became the cornerstone of – AntMyERP.
AntMyERP is an industry-specific one-stop ERP solution that effectively manages all your business functions. Designed by Solution Enterprises, it has been built by a Business Owner for Business Owners. Solution Enterprises was initially engaged in the hardware business for more than a decade. But our dynamic founder, Arvind Didwania, the visionary that he had, always thought ahead of his time. He always wanted to build a unique software solution.

After a lot of research, he finally pursued his dreams in 2017. He built ‘AntMyERP’ an in-house solution, primarily developed to manage the hardware business of Solution Enterprises at a time when competitors were not using any such solutions. The success of the product enabled the company to extend its vision and market it as ‘AntMyERP’. In 2018, the team met 100s of SME Business Owners across many segments to understand the challenges they were facing. A few of the biggest common challenges faced by all were the use of:

– Discrete databases and programs
– Time-consuming and complex day-to-day processes
– Challenges in accessing information and analytics
– Complicated IT processes and many more day-to-day challenges

So, the team focused on these challenges and started evolving and building ‘AntMyERP’. This same knowledge and experience helped in the development of the ERP solution. Once in the market, it met with a very good response from clients from within the industry. The product also received a lot of valuable feedback that went into further developing and refining the product according to the needs of the industry.

Why we named our ERP ANT? ‘AntMyERP’ is very unique for an ERP solution. Ant is the smallest and most intellectual insect in the world. It is the most organized and hardworking of all insects. They are the best team players and achieve incredible heights as a team. They are tiny but so strong that they can carry 10 to 30 times their own body weight. It is these very amazing qualities that reflect in our business, values, and team. Like the little Ant; we, too, are small but dynamic when we initially started.

Today, AntMyERP is evolving, developing, and growing each and every day with many satisfied customers. More than 20 years of experience with our customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements are built into the solution. Our flexible and industry-specific software is designed around the needs of the IT hardware, software and service sector, telecom, security systems, HVAC industry, fire, and safety, managed print service, and medical equipment industry customers.

The company holds a vision of being a Global Solution provider in the service industry, to improve business processes, and help businesses grow by cutting and adjusting wastage of resources. Already spread to 4 continents and many more to come.

Any queries, please feel free to contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you in transforming your business into a colony that cannot be trampled on.

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